Team India does it again in the last over!! *Thriller*

Team India does it again in the last over!! *Thriller*
Team India celebrates after beating Bangladesh by 1 run in T20 World CupImage Source: timesofindia

What a match man!! Seriously, for a second this reminded me of the first T20 world cup finals between India and Pakistan. Bangladesh is now an arch rival (2nd Pakistan) to India at least in cricket. From beginning, the show was dominated by Bangladesh team. Though opponents were an inch close to victory till the last over, team India was able to turn the tables off leaving nightmares to not just Bangladesh team but the entire country.

Keeping aside the entire match and vouching just for the last over is what only Indian fans can do – for their love of cricket. The pleasure one gets by watching the whole match is definitely equivalent to the adrenaline rush one gets by just witnessing that heart-pounding, nerve-crackling last one over.



When it was 2 overs left, Bangladesh just needed 17 runs with 4 wickets remaining which is not a herculean task for sure. Jasprit Bumrah gives away just six singles in the penultimate over, leaving Bangladesh to hit 11 runs off the final over. Now, Mr.Cool Captain hands off the ball to Hardik Pandya to bowl the fate-changing last over. Here it goes –

The Last Over 

1st ball: A single run. Now, they are 137/6 and need just 10 runs off 5 balls to win.

2nd ball: Four! <The crowd in Chinnaswamy stadium are dead quiet>. Now, then need just 6 runs off 4 balls. More than half the crowd were in disdain but Hardik Pandya stayed strong.

3rd ball: Four again! We are losing it really bad, not the match but the hopes..! I myself was not ready to lose the match let alone Dhoni and the rest of Indian team.

4th ball: Full toss, I guess. What so ever, the ball is in the air! Thinking it is a SIX and not ready to take the heartbreak, I moved away from the screen just to hear my flatmate scream OUT OUT! And yes, that was a catch!! Amazingly taken by Shikar Dhawan. Now, it is breathtakingly interesting! 2 need from 2 balls.



5th ball: Fingers crossed, the new batsman has hit the ball hard and again the ball is in the hair. This time Sir. Jadeja comes to the rescue and yes that’s a catch again. OUT! 145/8. 2 runs needed with 2 wickets in hand and 1 ball left.

Winning ball: Doesn’t matter which team wins, this last ball is the one deciding the winner. And Mr. Dhoni does it again for team India. He proves that he can make the team win if not by hitting a winning shot then by making a RUN OUT with a brilliant fielding!!

And there we go!! All set to fight against the mighty Australia!

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