An independent mind – A fantasy for Indians Today

An independent mind – A fantasy for Indians Today
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Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in her private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Reviste Media.

Before the title gives you the idea to procrastinate, criticize or even add to any of your prejudice thoughts, here is some food for thought – Do you question yourself over the ideas thrown to you? Or finding yourself a defensive statement to prove yourself right is the most common action of yours ?

No, no. Let’s not be another cynical head to the subject that is attacking every piece of media on burning issue of  intolerance. This is one controversial area that arises because intolerance has no fundamental  grounds regarding any issue but is simply the inability to  resist change.

Maybe my little introduction holds importance with reference to the subject – I am a Hindu but before that I’m a citizen of India, the one who holds priority to talent and work rather than the caste, religion or region of an individual. With a mind of my own and education, a fair and square opinion is not much of a surprise .

Any creative soul does not hold obligation to it’s audience for appreciation but only understanding of his art at elusive level. S/he can be  a writer,  actor, artist or even painter who commutes a lot from a single piece of creative work. It changes the perspective of many who do not accept change is, simple logistics. Whether it is PK , Oh My God or MunnaBhai MBBS that mocks respectable figures to give a rational perspective or creative work by filmmakers Vishal Bharadwaj in Haider or Nandita Das – Shabana Azmi starrer Fire which spoke of suppressed rights at the hand of age old rigid custom of Hindu mythology.

Further , the long standing protest of Sahitya Academy members too justifies their stand over rewarding justice to the murders of  Karnataka writes M. M Kalburgi this year. Even though many write off their move only as an attempt to pursue personal agenda, attack to creative persons by a wing of fundamentalist group immediately needs a reform.


This is not my wailing account to safeguard people’s work in tandem with government’s intolerance. But just a dire need to undertake responsibility for our neighbors who intend to contribute for better India, a homeland of their own. It is one of our best opportunities to create the best out of the talent we possess rather than only be the next land losing it’s identity from the largest democratic country  to the most regressive nation in 21st century.

Shilpy Sharan

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