5 Emotional Constraints bore by Indian WOMEN

5 Emotional Constraints bore by Indian WOMEN

Today, we are living in a modern world where women have more freedom and rights when compared to the past generation. Women are on par with men in almost, all the aspects. They are educated like men. They are allowed to have a healthy relationship with their fellow students and colleagues. In fact, co-educational schools started coming only during 1970s in India. Until then, women were mostly educated in girls schools/colleges or not even allowed to pursue studies. In fact, today’s women are luckier than their mothers.

Though there are almost equal rights for women, there are some emotional constraints from family which are really stereotypical and better to be refrained from usage, if hard to be forgotten.

  1. Return soon and don’t be late!! or ‘Why are you so late?’

Parents have the right and responsibility to be cautious about their daughter’s safety. But a girl/woman is also concerned about her safety. She is well aware of her timings and returns late only when she had to. Don’t have a stern face if she comes late one day.

  1. “Sit properly, don’t shake your legs.Its not good for our family.”

There is no connection between the sitting posture of girl and prosperity of family. For ages, women have been portrayed as the goddess of perfection and prosperity (refers to goddess Lakshmi) but they don’t have the basic freedom to sit according to their wish in their own home.

  1. “Don’t give her too much freedom. Just because she is a major, doesn’t mean she can do anything.”

Though in few households, daughters are allowed to be independent and make their own choices, this is not a majority. At the same time, all children will consult their parents for any problem, be it a boy or a girl. Even if parents have the idea of giving her independence, family doesn’t support it. They sow seeds of fear in parent’s hearts that a girl child will get spoiled if she is given too much freedom.

  1. “Your clothing is not suitable for that place”

Every woman has the freedom to wear what she wishes. And she wears it according to the place she wants to go.  Those parents who doesn’t advice their sons to respect women  have no right to advice their daughter on her dressing sense.

  1. “Are you travelling alone?”

          This comes under giving freedom and letting women live independently. Though there are a lot of parents who let their daughter go out to study and work there are still a few parents who got to change the way they think. If your daughter likes to travel alone and explore different places, let her go. Unless, you are very sure that it is dangerous don’t stop her. Let her convince you and win her way. After all a girl feels confident, when someone trusts her and if that trust comes from family, it is crystal clear that she is going to be the QUEEN of her choice.

So, don’t let them stick to kitchen or home. Let them go and win the world, it is time for women empowerment!!

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