Mediocrity- A threat to growth

Mediocrity- A threat to growth

A civilization remains imperishable until it encourages a constant intrinsic growth. The journey of humans in the aisle of civilization was certainly cumbersome but solace came in the form of socialization, communication and adaptation. A conglomeration of different thought processes, an amalgamation of various ideologies and a physical collaboration between different individuals provided the construct to renovate human life. Any change for the betterment of human life must be invigorated. However, an obfuscator who epitomises mediocrity can never contribute to growth. Mediocrity repels change and remains the ultimate threat to growth.

I need not peruse documental evidences to substantiate my thoughts and judgements. Life is the ultimate teacher and it teaches us every lesson through some or the other incidents. It was not the first time I had witnessed mediocrity of thoughts but that one day made me dig through my memory. I came to realize that not all civilized human beings contribute to the advancement of human civilization. One need not be physically better to lead a better life. However, one must have a radically different approach to grow in life.

It was a rainy mid-summer’s afternoon in the city of Rosogolla. The word ‘rainy’ would be a belittling adjective for what I witnessed that day. Ominous grey clouds hovering overhead satirized the exhausts of steam engines from the ancient days. My ears reverberated with the loud noise of the sheets of precipitation plummeting to the parched earth. My vision was often bleached with the unanticipated flashes of lightening. Chaotic raindrops pounded on the rooftops mercilessly. I could see the gusting wind pushing them diagonally for one moment and aligning those ruthless raindrops in a straight line the very next. I am not a great fan of rainy days. However, that day my imaginative mind thoroughly enjoyed the battle between the various ingredients of nature. With a heavy heart, I awaited a day of inexorable wetness but the rains bade adieu within a few hours. A little pitter-patter of drops was all that was as a sign of reminiscence to the heavens opening up earlier. Streets of Kolkata suburbs, which always discern some sort of human activity, appeared windswept due to the heavy rain. I was busy adoring the mesmerizing bright orange tinge of the setting sun amidst those gloomy puffs on the sky, but very soon realised that I had to go to the pharmacy to buy some essentials. To be precise, I needed some sanitary napkins.

A brisk walk, few jumps over the puddles of water and an occasional battle with my umbrella, I reached the pharmacy. A lady, probably in her mid-40s was standing in line at the cash counter for clearing her bills. My unhesitant tone while placing my order fabricated a sort of discomposure in the ambience. The pharmacist appeared perplexed and embarrassed. The lady kept glaring me occasionally. Though I comprehended their discomfort, I maintained a calm head. Suddenly, her feminine voice advised me to bring some kind of opaque bag next time lest people should see me buying sanitary napkins. I was speechless and confused. In the year 2016, when humans are standing at the brink of an era of artificial intelligence, is this the intellect that actually prevails in a ‘civilized’ society? I smiled at her. A sarcastic reply was dancing on the tip of my tongue but I restrained myself, considering her to be not the only one bearing this kind of mediocre thoughts.

Menstruation, which is an obvious biological process for any woman, is often considered as something to be shy of. Menstruation and aspects of it remains a taboo in our society even today. And guess what? The biggest contributors in spreading this mediocrity are women themselves. A natural biological occurrence, which signifies the power of fertility, is portrayed as something unmentionable. While I trudged back home, a mild drizzle pervading the air, I assembled my thoughts and realized how mediocrity has seeped into the very fabric of our society.

  • Correct Age for Marriage– Marriage is a union of two souls who wish to lead their life together. The motive here is to simply live together, which can crop up at any stage of life. What role has age in this pristine bond? The self-proclaimed intellectuals outpour their advice regarding the correct age of marriage, considering the optimum ages for childbearing. Has reproduction become the sole basis for marriage?
  • Four years!!! Still no child? – Any married couple, if found without a baby in their arms, are probed about their sexual life no matter how queasy the couple may feel. Motherhood is an enigmatic bliss. Let it happen when the mother-to-be wants it to happen. No child is not equivalent to impotency.
  • Studying Biology? (Momentary pause) Doctor eh? – What the hell man? Biology encompasses a lot more than only medicine. Hanging a stethoscope is not the ultimate motive of every admirer of biology.
  • Boys should become Engineers- This has become an incurable disease in our country.
  • Only MBA can fetch you money- No degree can fetch you money if your basic aptitude is bordering zero.
  • Remarks on someone’s sexual orientation- I do not know what people get by intruding into others’ life. Homosexuals were not born recently. And if at all we ignore our mythological history, nobody has the right to remark on anybody’s personal life.
  • Smart with a smart phone- With a below average IQ, not even artificial intelligence can make one smart, let alone the possession of a smart phone.

Aaahhh!!! The list seems to be endless. However, before I end this article, I would like to share the most hilarious mediocrity I faced till date. An ‘erudite’ asked me if my life story was inspired from Chetan Bhagat. I was mystified by thinking if Chetan Bhagat was the sole proprietor of intercultural marriages.

Mediocrity hangs on like a leech, be it a person or our very own society. It slowly sucks the essentialities for leading a true civilized life. One’s perceptions play the biggest role in moulding one’s personality. A positive, adaptive, and avant-garde approach to life are the main ingredients of an advancing civilization. Mediocrity remains the biggest hindrance to progression and is truly the ultimate threat to the growth of humans as civilized living beings.


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