The Printing Machine By Kalki Koechlin

This very video has been roaming here and there for a day in my news feed. I was both dumb and busy enough to neglect this and move to another stupid thing. But today morning I could finally pull sometime for myself and I looked through curiously to see what Kalki Koechlin is up to. Trust me, I fell head over heels for this video, my eyes did not flicker, my hearing did go numb and I did not move till the end of this video. Chrr tak tak taka daka tak chree!!

Here’s goes the printing machine

This poem written and performed by Kalki in an incredible way, unveils the present-day scenario of how the media is treating the crimes and abuse against women in India. It is definitely not something to celebrate or to be proud of. Taking printing machine as a face for the entire media, Kalki has done a great job to show how Indian history would be falling to its knees because of a petty printing machine.

Talking about the technicalities involved in this rhythmic song, the rap ‘Chrr tak tak taka daka tak chree’ will surely get stuck in your head and haunt you in a right way! Both the picturization and background score go hand-in-hand with Kalki’s exceptionally propelling phrases and silvery-smoky voice in the right blend, giving one jitters and making one ponder over it!

Blush. has aired this video on YouTube who rightly describe themselves as ‘Unapologetically and undeniably you’ and offers stories, ideas, inspiration, news, entertainment and perspectives, all in celebration of the woman. Blush. is airing a web series named ‘Alisha’, a really enjoyable series for fashion freaks with a pinch or suspense and thrill.

Before signing off, I would like to make a final mention – Kalki Koechlin has earned a great respect from the depth of my heart. This poem is definitely an epic and hope this stays in history unlike the stories of gang rapes and murders that cramp up today’s dailies, weeklies and social media.

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