Rape – The Death of Man and Humanity

Rape – The Death of Man and Humanity

Rape is an issue, where it really agitates you and when your blood gushes out. There was the Nirbhaya case that was a national disgrace and then, there have been many reported and obviously a lot of unreported cases.

We have now reached a stage where the talk of Feminism is slowing down as it is evident that women have taken the center stage in every possible place and this transition has happened very rapidly. This has made gender just a box to tick in application forms.

The only difference between the two genders has been the physical appearance and we as humans using it, is no wrong. But, the error of judgement that a few ‘men’ have this utterly atrocious and few censored words would possibly describe that act.

The Nirbhaya case still hangs undisturbed and the victims might walk away any time soon. Credits to the loop holes in our Judiciary. Post that case, there have been several rape cases being reported from all parts of the country, where Chennai came the last. What does this suggest? Clearly, Nirbhaya’s case was not the first rape in the world’s largest democracy. How brutal was the situation earlier? Even thinking about these questions gives me a feeling of disgust.

Recently, a 8-month-old baby was raped by an unknown stranger is what the headlines said. Even Anurag Kashyap films are more sensitive than this. The statement that was let out was unimaginable and the supposed human but not a man is free on the streets. Clearly, India is neither an Iraq/ a Dubai to publicly cut down his genitals nor can we process the cases of rape quickly and efficiently. Now lets not play this blame game, where we can complain the judiciary system to be slow or not ask women to travel late and the best of all to wear ‘ decent dress’. Does that man even imagine about being decent after what has been done? Maybe he is one of those who has misread the definition of decent from his “Bakwaas Dictionary”.

As a teenager, youth and the future of this nation, the one pledge that we can take is not just that and as stupid as “We won’t Rape”. But also spread the word that it is much worse than what an ISIS agent has done. As a man, representing the entire community, it’s a just a disgrace and sheer act of cowardliness. Women have stepped up and definitely should step up on, what makes one rape you.

Respect Women! Respect her pride!

Abijith Mednikar

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