Startups: A turning phase in Indian Entrepreneurship

Startups: A turning phase in Indian Entrepreneurship

With the powerful pool of talent and energy, India has already started experiencing the competition with prominent entrepreneurs all over the world. This is not the wired and tired option our parents acknowledge if we failed to pursue the most conventional careers – doctors, engineers, lawyers , family business or civil services. The first choice for a graduate in any city is to either join or even head a startup, perhaps even before a private firm.

The entrepreneurial ventures in India are hardly  a tough  decision as most students start their business in under graduation with consumer durable products such as chocolates and cards, but the domain has certainly expanded in terms of services.

Let’s begin with the demand of startups in India and why it is the next big thing in India today :-

1) Synergy is incomparable 
The level of creativity in fresh resource like a startup is way more productivity-oriented than aging workforce. It is under the driving spell to overcome their shortcomings and work to make themselves a part of more than what current businesses have to offer.  Not that the experience loses it’s shine overtime but it certainly loses with the  aura of youth and their dynamics.

2) On way to become the most reliable workforce government can look upto
The big names such as Flipkart , Zomato and Patym are the most frequent names everybody around us takes when it comes to services or ad war in media. Perhaps , they are the fastest growing startups in India along with Patym also partnering with public sector banks to render their services to customers.

3) Experience is beyond expectations
The dynamic and some awesome projects come under most challenging circumstances.This opportunity help the organisation as a team to excel beyond their known boundaries. Hence this hotbed of professional life certainly adds feathers in a young amateur’s hat.

4) Freedom to explore your ideas
The structural procedure to execute project in an organisation is not productive for a lot of reasons. New innovations with intention to provide with only the best  is a slog on a whole new level with a pay waiting to be rewarded.

5) The Best time is now
The recent GBS Business Summit and Indo African Summit this year has paved way for more cross country ventures that welcomes projects in India for a long run.

Even as startups manage more limelight than  some private firms it is surely putting it’s best foot forward to bridge divides across social and geographical boundaries. For the list of startups in India, begin your search with


Shilpy Sharan

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