• Conte’s Chelsea Class: A look into his 3-4-3 system

    Conte’s Chelsea Class: A look into his 3-4-3 system0

    When Antonio Conte took over the reigns from Jose Mourinho after a torrid last season, Chelsea fans expected many things. Most people anticipated a rigid defence that would leak far fewer goals. Supporters were even hopeful of seeing the Blues back to where they belonged: fighting for the title. But the little hope they had must have

  • That Day, that Year!

    That Day, that Year!0

    1983 Cricket World Cup Final 28th June – 1983, no Indian can ever forget this day! It is the day when India won the World Cup for the first time by defeating the mighty West Indian side. The match was played at the Lords cricket ground. This was the third consecutive world cup final appearance

  • EURO 2016!

    EURO 2016!0

    Waving colored flags We won’t surrender, there’s no standing down Love’s a playing field It’s full of winners, we’re breaking new ground We’re in this together Hear our hearts beat together! We stand strong together We’re in this forever! This one’s for you! This one’s for you…! Oh yes! You all got it right. This

  • England is Blue! Leicester City Champions #BPL

    England is Blue! Leicester City Champions #BPL0

    Impossible, not a chance, don’t think of it, 5000-1! These were the odds of Leicester City winning the premier league this season. But fortune had planned something bigger for them. Leicester City football club became the champions of Barclays Premier League 15/16 after 132 year wait. The foxes guaranteed their hands on the premier league

  • 2016, the year of WEST INDIES!

    2016, the year of WEST INDIES!0

    19 runs required of the last over, 6 wickets gone, a young new batsman on strike and it is the final of World T20. 8 out of 10 would say that it is impossible to score 19 from the last 6 but when it’s West Indies who is playing there is always some room of


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