• Prestige – Earn, Nourish & Preserve

    Prestige – Earn, Nourish & Preserve0

    The naturalistic theory of survival is unprejudiced towards gender. Charles Darwin, while penning down the concept of ‘SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST’, never discriminated between masculinity and femininity. Analogously, if we take a page out of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we discover that there exists an unbiased scuffle in the human race when it comes to

  • 60 & CHILL

    60 & CHILL3

    I wanna die at 40 – you hear this from young people a lot. I asked myself – do I? Usually when you look at old people their lives seem full of sickness and god. But all of us have that one cool pair of relatives who are old yet super cool. This vacation, I


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