• Logic Inflames Anger among the Qualified Illogical folks!!!

    Logic Inflames Anger among the Qualified Illogical folks!!!0

    Education is the manifestation of man’s own perfection. This famous quote of Swami Vivekananda remains the most beguiling concept in the upbringing of the human race. Humans were born with an encoded intellect. The hankering to excel, the voracious thirst to seek truth and the urge to be the unparalleled is what sets humans apart

  • Humanity exits

    Humanity exits0

    SEARCH FOR LATENT TRUTH! Good Friday! Today reminds me about someone, Who got crucified for everyone! Taught us lesson of humanity, It’s on us to turn it into reality! Nevertheless we stand together, Will rise and shine for ever ! Keeping the aura in mind , Keep developing n be kind! There is no boundary


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