Logic Inflames Anger among the Qualified Illogical folks!!!

Logic Inflames Anger among the Qualified Illogical folks!!!

Education is the manifestation of man’s own perfection.

This famous quote of Swami Vivekananda remains the most beguiling concept in the upbringing of the human race. Humans were born with an encoded intellect. The hankering to excel, the voracious thirst to seek truth and the urge to be the unparalleled is what sets humans apart in the animal kingdom. Education played a vital role in the metamorphosis from cavemen to computer-maniacs. The seekers discovered the harsh realities of life, the social thinkers designed the societal norms and the educators spread the knowledge. Humans were gradually ‘educated’ by incorporating practicality with logical aptitude and mere common sense. Time flew and our knowledge grew along with it. We evolved from being verbose to print information and finally to electronic communication. Presently, with the abundant knowledge that prevails on earth, education has become synonymous to the number of educational degrees one parades and does not relate to the common sense of a person anymore.

We strive to excel in a world of discrimination. Roll your eyes, lend an ear, and smell the ambience. A hundred issues of discrimination will pop up. Sometimes it is gender based and at times, it is caste based. However, the presence of common sense and rationality is never manacled with an atrocious perception of discrimination. They remain unbiased in every sphere of geography, among every race and in all layers of social fabric. Today, as life transmogrifies with a bat of an eyelid, humans jostle to gather degrees leaving behind the very concept of logic and common sense. In today’s competitive world, effective survival is precariously held by one single motto; ‘read-obtain marks-secure a job’. Amidst all these ‘ready to excel’ humans, there subsists a small populace of analytical humans who are unpretentious, fearless and demand a logical conclusion to every huddle. And there comes the problem for the pretentious intellectuals. LOGIC ALWAYS INFLAMES ANGER.

A child’s logical query is fervently snubbed as the teacher remains restricted to the bookish knowledge. Any question asked outside the syllabus becomes a brutal insult to the educator’s professional acumen. A non-technical man, when demanding a logical justification about a technology, is declared outrageous. The self-proclaimed investment planners demand a common man to invest his hard earned money into something without asking a single doubt. People raise their eyebrows seeing a common man raising voice against the wrong. The younger generation who clamour for the logic behind age-old superstitions and rituals are perceived villainous in the eyes of parents and elders. Open talks over menstruation ostracize a woman. A man wants an educated wife, well-qualified daughter but can never accept a logical woman in his life.

Anyone logical in this world is bound to face hurdles, if not physically, emotionally for sure. Every single one of us exists in a world where there is a paucity of common sense and logic has been driven to the point of extinction. The logical humans face the real hardship in life. The bitterest part arrives when the world fails to deal with logic and tries to play an emotional game. When people fail to provide a logical conclusion to a query, they run around the bushes of emotions. When their brains fail to supply rationality, they outpour their wicked thoughts cloaked in emotions like respect, family values, pride and blah blah!!! A logical person faces a lot of ruthless accusations, but he/she certainly remains unique in the crowd.

Common sense and Logical aptitude are precious gifts. People, who have them, please cherish your fate and be proud. Logic inflames anger because logic shows illogical yet qualified people their true qualification.

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