• Tackling an annoying roommate – 101

    Tackling an annoying roommate – 1010

    Most of us can call to mind a roommate who made us think we’d never peaceably coexist with another human being again. I had one such experience in the second year of my undergrad. I had to share my room with the most annoying and evil being that ever existed on planet earth. Even though I

  • 10 movies one must watch while in college.

    10 movies one must watch while in college.0

    1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara(2011) Three friends go on a vacation to Spain which turns out to be a life changing experience.This hilarious coming of age drama shows how the three men with broken relationships, combat their worst fears, learn to enjoy in the most difficult of times and fall in love with their lives.

  • Liberation of Knowledge

    Liberation of Knowledge0

    Kofi Annan once famously said “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family” But most of us correlate Education with grades and not with knowledge. It has become a regulatory measure for every student in obtaining the required grades and it has been prioritized over

  • What is causing depression amongst the IIT students?

    What is causing depression amongst the IIT students?0

    The Indian Institute of Technology has been a premier tag in the country right from when it began. So, it is very obvious that each and every individual would want to be the best. With all this success at IIT doing the rounds, the only soft target are the students and is unarguable. No one makes it to

  • CCE – A Poisoned Chalice?

    CCE – A Poisoned Chalice?0

    The Central Board of Secondary Education had implemented the Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation during 2009 and its was received with a mixed response. However good be the system, we always do find flaws with it. The main idea was to analyze a student’s performance over a period of time rather that a single exam that

  • Tackling college studies! (like a boss)

    Tackling college studies! (like a boss)0

    Okay its almost the end of first semester. If you are like me, then most probably you are scoring much less than your dream score. Personally I thought of myself as a genius and expected to score a CGPA of minimum 9.8! However, if the rumors are correct then I might be failing in one


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