• A walk to remember – In Cherai!

    A walk to remember – In Cherai!0

    As Kochi is known for its port and its famous Fort Kochi beach, there is also another beach which has added to its fame. This beach is known as the Cherai beach. A beautiful beach and unlike Fort Kochi, it is much more clean. A place which is known for its vast beach and quietness.

  • 5 Offbeat Travel Destinations from Delhi

    5 Offbeat Travel Destinations from Delhi0

    Living in and around Delhi –NCR has its own merits and unlike any other city in India, Delhites have a host of options when it comes to travelling. But spending money on the usual travel destination often lead to disappointment as they are expensive during holiday time and greatly crowded. But if you want your

  • 60 & CHILL

    60 & CHILL3

    I wanna die at 40 – you hear this from young people a lot. I asked myself – do I? Usually when you look at old people their lives seem full of sickness and god. But all of us have that one cool pair of relatives who are old yet super cool. This vacation, I

  • Vacation – The urgent break for this month

    Vacation – The urgent break for this month0

    A light conversation, an ear for music, an eye for movies or sitcoms are light moments we all crave for at some point on  our Mondays. To some of us, it is nothing more than unrequited business but to most of the current generation folks, these are more than just sources of entertainment that everyone

  • 10 things only a “Dilliwala” can understand!!

    10 things only a “Dilliwala” can understand!!0

    1. Mouth-watering and diverse street food Chutney samosa and Jalebi ,cholle kulche ,momos,gol-gappa,rajma chawal,aloo paratha,kathi ,kabab,kulfi,faluda and the list goes on. There is no place on Earth which will provide you the variety of delicious street food which Delhi provides. It is simply a heaven for foodies and light on the pockets too. 2. Delhi

  • Sojourn to Pondicherry

    Sojourn to Pondicherry0

    If you are in search for a travel spot not just to tour around but to relish yourself, then Pondicherry alias Pondi is the right choice. It is a union territory located at a distance of 139km from Chennai. Bus or car transport from Chennai through East Coast Road(ECR) is one of the best routes as ECR


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