• Boards stress? Let’s deal with it

    Boards stress? Let’s deal with it0

    Boards are regarded as ‘the decider’ in almost every Indian household. A sense of terror and nervousness comes free of cost with the hefty package of boards. You might as well Google for ‘tips to deal with boards and stress’ when the only tip you need is to stop attaching so much importance to it.

  • Niche institutes surpassing pressure leading to Depression

    Niche institutes surpassing pressure leading to Depression0

    What is the issue that causes depression amongst IIT Students? The Indian Institue of Technology has been a premier institute in the country right from when it began. So, it is very obvious that each and every individual would want to be the best. With all this success at IIT doing the rounds, the only

  • Relationships in College – 101

    Relationships in College – 1010

    Now that I am back in college and it has been around 3 weeks since the classes commenced, life has started to become more clear and  sunshiny. The first thing that I’ve realized so far is that there are no weekends, there are no mornings and no nights, all that remains is deadlines, group projects

  • Engineering Mania – End of 001 year!

    Engineering Mania – End of 001 year!0

    Windy morn catered with a heavy downpour. I was content yet pumped with thoughts. A whole new world was about to welcome me. Bit scared and highly excited I started my “Engineering“. Apparently, day 001 went creepy .Missing my very first lecture, dozing while someone started with module 001 on very first day and also

  • 5 Reasons why you shouldn’t take up a project in 3rd semester

    5 Reasons why you shouldn’t take up a project in 3rd semester0

    Many opt for engineering courses either out of interest or by their parents’ pressure or some other reasons. But the first reason applies only for some students. And those are the ones who take up their first project under a professor’s guidance once they enter their second semester. Let us call them “LUCKY ONES” in

  • Tainted Mark-sheet!!!

    Tainted Mark-sheet!!!0

    She switched on her laptop to reply to the comments posted on her blog in response to her latest story. She was dog-tired but her heart desired to see some extolling words for herself before entering the dream world. Her eyes glittered and a cute smile draped her face while her slender fingers tapped on


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