• The Liftware level which makes eating easier!

    The Liftware level which makes eating easier!0

    Liftware Level: Liftware, a company designed an electronic spoon named, “The Liftware Level” for people with disabilities. The idea would sound wacky, if individuals don’t recognize the context. However, it is very well-thought and designed. According to the company, the product aims to assist individuals with Huntington’s disease and works nearly like DJI Osmo, which

  • Mark Zuckerberg builds personalized AI assistant – Jarvis!!

    Mark Zuckerberg builds personalized AI assistant – Jarvis!!0

    Mark Zuckerberg has a new housemate: Jarvis, a man-made intelligence assistant he created this year which will control appliances, play music, acknowledge faces and, maybe most imposingly, entertain his kid. The Facebook founder spent one hundred hours manufacturing the virtual assistant — named once the factitious intelligence system in “Iron Man” — that understands spoken

  • Charge a smartphone in seconds using a Super Capacitor!

    Charge a smartphone in seconds using a Super Capacitor!0

    Yes, It is possible now you can charge your smart phones in Seconds with the help of a flexible super capacitor and you wouldn’t need to charge it again for over a week. Not only phones it can also be used in applications of consumer electronics. Basically there are 3 types of capacitors and the

  • Its time, Torrentz says adieu!

    Its time, Torrentz says adieu!0

    Torrentz is past now! Yes, the most reliable source for all kinds of files, the Torrentz website is no longer functional. Past 13 years, right from the day it started this website has proved to be the go-to place for anything per se. It has provided the world with unlimited content, may it be good or bad,

  • Lets Code && its Cool!!

    Lets Code && its Cool!!0

    Code, Hack, Build! These words have changed the manner we think how the world functions. A day begins with the note of code; work is established on series of algorithms; be it any field TECH OR NON-TECH basic knowledge of coding plays a crucial role. So how to inculcate the temperament of coding? Let’s flip into

  • Google – The Messiah

    Google – The Messiah0

    Education establishes the threshold of progress, information eradicates ignorance and knowledge nourishes true power. We stand at the brink of a new age where gathering information is just a click away. GOOGLE IT!!! A search engine on the podium of the internet world has garnered a neologism simply on the basis of popularity and dominance


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