• My Memory Safe

    My Memory Safe0

    Reminiscing the life I have lived so far I came across a memory chest Some merry, some grave, some middle-of-road All revitalizing nonetheless I decided to build a memory safe The one I would visit during mirthless days I frisked the library in search of the best one Tired I found I could pick none

  • And the Mountains Echoed, by Khaled Hosseini – A Review

    And the Mountains Echoed, by Khaled Hosseini – A Review0

    Khaled Hosseini returns with his third book, And the Mountains Echoed, six years after A Thousand Splendid Suns. Unlike his previous two works, “Mountains” is not a tale woven around two central characters. Rather, it is told as a series of short stories which are seemingly unrelated. Hosseini also shifts the focus from a parent-child relationship

  • Thank that special someone in your life!<3

    Thank that special someone in your life!<30

    This article is solely meant for that special someone in my life. Before getting started about the love of my life, let me give you a gist of my intro. I’m just an occasional writer with merely sufficient skills. In fact, writing something like this is pretty new to me but the reason why I took this

  • One True Love

    One True Love0

    Up until now it was just love The crazy, stupid teenager lust My heart just knew the feeling of  your touch The warmth and fervor of your hug But now that we are oceans apart Living our lives, poles apart Our love still stands strong Inside my  tender heart! This love has found its true worth It is not just

  • Mystified Manhood

    Mystified Manhood0

    “Is it my fault if they love me more?” He exclaimed with his teary eyes. She smirked. “It is the fault of SEX. You are Y and I am X”. The battle amidst the two genders of the human race is incessant and inevitable as well. It is not a scuffle for survival but a desire

  • Hyderabad Hues!!!

    Hyderabad Hues!!!0

    “Uncle, East Marredpally?” “Amma, idhar nakko. Baaju se left lena” The man with a thick mop of white hair, a peculiar protruding nose, wrinkled face marred with vestiges of chicken pox scarring and probably a septuagenarian left me dumbfounded with his words. I was in that transitory phase of life when teenage tottered at the


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