• Techie friend with benefits

    Techie friend with benefits0

    In this era of android, I find myself sitting in the corner of a room, fiddling with my phone trying to figure out a way to unlock my touch screen phone (Obviously I am not that naive, just trying to give you a feel of my helplessness 😛 ). It seems as if the entire world is moving forward and

  • Tackling an annoying roommate – 101

    Tackling an annoying roommate – 1010

    Most of us can call to mind a roommate who made us think we’d never peaceably coexist with another human being again. I had one such experience in the second year of my undergrad. I had to share my room with the most annoying and evil being that ever existed on planet earth. Even though I

  • How to impress a girl? – 101

    How to impress a girl? – 1010

    Every week? Mmm.. Every day? Mmm… Every hour and every minute somewhere, someone would be trying to impress some person with something. Commonly, it’s the guys who would try to impress their love most probably to a girl (if you are currently residing in Mother India, pun intended) with utmost sincerity, dedication, overcoming so many hurdles and what

  • The most buzzed topics on internet in 2015!!

    The most buzzed topics on internet in 2015!!0

    Yes, we are here – At the verge of 2015 and waiting eagerly to welcome 2016. Before we jump to that, let us revisit those moments which got more attention than needed on the very active social networking websites. Here, we listed some of those, which now went down the lane 1. The ‘Miss Universe’ Controversy No

  • Paradise – The world of dreams and fantasies!

    Paradise – The world of dreams and fantasies!1

    I am a person who can build castles in air till the end of eternity. The revived craze about Star Wars gave me all the more reason to seriously think about the specifications of my ideal fantasy world, my Paradise. I listed down my ideas so that I can have an honest discussion about it with Santa

  • “Subscribe to our channel” – New Trend on the roll!

    “Subscribe to our channel” – New Trend on the roll!0

    Subscribe | Subscribe| Subscribe A lot has been said on the open space internet provides to all the video channels. This is not debatable point that encapsulates all  genres to breathe in the light of public viewership. This met with quite a stern resentment since 2010, when a series of YouTube launched channels telecasters recorded


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