• For the foodie in you!

    For the foodie in you!0

    Who is a foodie? Now many of you may answer this question and the answer may vary from person to person. But the most common answer to this question is that a person who eats a lot is a foodie. And the truth is, it is not true. Now a foodie is obviously somebody who

  • Lets go backless this Summer!!

    Lets go backless this Summer!!0

    This summer, get a new sexy look by exposing the skin on your back by going backless. Going backless has been a trend for many years but as the time goes on, nowadays celebrities tend to shift to other styles such as strapless, sleeveless or deep necks. But the evergreen classy look can be given

  • Pamper your tresses this Summer!

    Pamper your tresses this Summer!0

    Summer is a time of frolic and shopping, but it can also be a season of gloom and dryness if you do not know how to beat the heat. This is the time of the year where your body and hair can face a little bit of trouble if not well maintained. The most common

  • All you need to know about chanting a Mantra – Mantropathy

    All you need to know about chanting a Mantra – Mantropathy0

    SCIENCE   The science of healing through mantra has existed since the Ancient times but recently it caught the attention of the researchers worldwide, and came to be known as Mantropathy. There are several who practises Transcendental Meditation and through its power they can heal may kind of illness. Mantras are rather mystical in nature. They



    The previous day I went to one of my known shops to get a sanitary pad, and to be precise, Whispers. The shop keeper was a man and since I didn’t know where the pads were kept I asked him a pack. The man fidgeted around and asked his assistant to get me a pad,

  • Body Image doesn’t define ‘What You Are’ and ‘Who You Are’

    Body Image doesn’t define ‘What You Are’ and ‘Who You Are’0

    Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, color and all the things that you believe it to be. The society around us has built a certain beauty standard for all of us and if we are not up to those standards, we are considered to be bizarre in their eyes. Criticism is always there, people come


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