• PINK is less of a movie and more of a lesson to today’s India!

    PINK is less of a movie and more of a lesson to today’s India!0

    On a personal front, I would not consider Pink as a movie let alone a review for it. That being said, watching Pink is like listening to my fellow girls who faced an utterly unexpected tragic incident amidst their quotidian lives. Post that incident, when their struggles get intense, more cruelty comes in the form

  • It’s time to master patience in life!

    It’s time to master patience in life!0

    Through a lifetime, one finds themselves in different phases. School, college, work, marriage, parenting, old age, all these put us through the crap, which we fight and mold ourselves. I’m in college and I’m in a phase where my past rejuvenated hopes yet again found me in a mess. And just like you, I’ve been through

  • What should housewives do, other than everyday chores?

    What should housewives do, other than everyday chores?0

    Do you experience your mother going through a stressful situation when you return home from school or college? Are you forced to encounter the wrath of your wife after you return home from the office? Is this stress commonly found in working mothers or housewives? The answer to this is obviously housewives. People may find it

  • Mystified Manhood

    Mystified Manhood0

    “Is it my fault if they love me more?” He exclaimed with his teary eyes. She smirked. “It is the fault of SEX. You are Y and I am X”. The battle amidst the two genders of the human race is incessant and inevitable as well. It is not a scuffle for survival but a desire

  • Virginity – Virtually Nothing!!!

    Virginity – Virtually Nothing!!!0

    It was certainly a visual treat when Mehta Mansion was festooned like a newlywed. Scintillating yellow lights over an area of 10 acres made it appear like a mass of Gold on earth. The reigned gleam was more luminous than the full moon on the night sky along with the convoy of dazzling stars. The

  • A hole in the Family

    A hole in the Family0

    Do you have a sibling who tends to be dominant over you and tries to control you even if you are right? Or are you that sibling who wants to prove you’re the best while downsizing your own blood relation? Is it ego, over possessiveness, or just a pleasure while the other gets hurt? There


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