• Thoughts… Commitments !

    Thoughts… Commitments !0

    Leaning day and night , Murmuring abut your sight! Lost in the meadow of ringing rims , Hold me towards my shrine ! U there whenever I mourned , Supporting until sun drowned ! U there when darkness prevailed, Also when sadness  nailed! I can’t see u, neither can hear, Nor could find u anywhere!

  • Long weekend – Definitely not a quotidian thing!

    Long weekend – Definitely not a quotidian thing!0

    What could be more enthralling than having hat-trick days without work? Agreed that this is a bit of exaggeration for a 3-day weekend. But, a long weekend does not come so often, make the most when it does! If you are super smart to plan out a holiday already, then get the hell out and

  • Reading – A value to be nurtured

    Reading – A value to be nurtured1

    The power of imagination, the power to question, and the power to observe are the key results of reading. An ardent reader may always possess such qualities if you ever inspect them closely. And they may also be people whom you would like to spend time with due to their intense knowledge of things. People

  • For the foodie in you!

    For the foodie in you!0

    Who is a foodie? Now many of you may answer this question and the answer may vary from person to person. But the most common answer to this question is that a person who eats a lot is a foodie. And the truth is, it is not true. Now a foodie is obviously somebody who

  • Oh Sunny Summer – Why so harsh on us?

    Oh Sunny Summer – Why so harsh on us?0

    The summer of 2016 has not just been the most sunny summer but also one of the most deadly summers of all. The reasons can be of many, such as global warming, pollution, some variation in space and many more. But this time, the heat waves have increased multiple times compared to the past. The

  • Its my tale, when change really matters!

    Its my tale, when change really matters!0

    Calm down girl! Just calm down, a voice cried. She was physically intact and healthy. Though mentally screwed and dead. Each day brought her set of quests. No one could dig into her soul, no one even cared to do. A year passed away, yet those wounds survive fresh with full agility. It is not just a


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