• Music in every teenager’s life

    Music in every teenager’s life0

    “Without music, life would be a mistake”,these words were once said by a great German Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. Music plays an important role in every teenager’s life these days. It is available in various forms of genre like rap,gangsta,hip-hop,rock,metal etc have various impacts on teenagers. Each genre has its own dress code and attitude, which

  • Hello Adele – Shut Your Face!

    Hello Adele – Shut Your Face!0

    VH1 these days is on and on playing ‘Hello’ by Adele. It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon, I am a happy ‘single’ person. I switch on my TV and VH1 plays Hello and in the next 4:55 minutes I dramatically convert into a horror ex-girlfriend with my ex-boyfriend’s number on my dial pad, ready to make

  • “Hello” – Adele’s new album 25’s lead single is worth going viral!

    “Hello” – Adele’s new album 25’s lead single is worth going viral!0

    25 is the upcoming third studio album by Adele, scheduled to be released on 20 November 2015. The lead single “Hello” was released on 23 October 2015. Prior to the album’s release, 25 was listed as one of the most anticipated albums of 2015. Billboard, Fuse, SMH and numerous others placed the album at number


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