• Pamper your tresses this Summer!

    Pamper your tresses this Summer!0

    Summer is a time of frolic and shopping, but it can also be a season of gloom and dryness if you do not know how to beat the heat. This is the time of the year where your body and hair can face a little bit of trouble if not well maintained. The most common

  • You can live till 90 with Diabetes

    You can live till 90 with Diabetes0

    For overcoming any kind of struggle in your life,there must be a hint of confidence within you to fight and withstand the hard times.The same philosophical method applies for fighting with diabetes, it’s more of mental disease these days according to research being carried out all over the world. When a person gets diagnosed with diabetes

  •  7 Steps towards a healthy body

     7 Steps towards a healthy body0

    See, one of the major differences of being in your late twenties is that your metabolism suddenly slows down. No, I am not saying this from my personal experience, I am NOT on the wrong side of twenty and I can definitely wolf down a dozen pancakes without overnight bulges in all the wrong places

  • The art of buying sport shoes

    The art of buying sport shoes0

    The most common New Year Resolution that people would make is “This year I’m gonna lose weight!” There are so many things people could do to achieve this- walking, running, working out at the gym, playing some outdoor games, phew! There’s one thing you need in common for all of these activities- SHOES! You walk

  • Down in the dumps : Depression is a reality

    Down in the dumps : Depression is a reality0

    “Depression” this term has been doing the rounds as of lately but still many people are oblivious to what this is. Is this some sort of a disease ? Is it curable? Is it communicable? Questions like these continue to haunt people due to the inadequate knowledge about this condition. So lets dig a little

  • You won’t find workout nasty anymore !

    You won’t find workout nasty anymore !0

    Just started working out? Yes it is exhausting and it takes a quite deal of time to love it. The first week is always difficult and there are times when we almost give up on working out. But holding our head up high is a very crucial part at this point. Hence, here are the


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