Concepts of Soulmates

Concepts of Soulmates

Whether we are a hopeless romantic or an inquisitive sceptic, most of us have pondered about the concept of ‘soul mate’ and raised many questions regarding same. What is a soul mate? Does my soul mate exist? Will I ever get to meet my soul mate in this life? It is just an irresistible desire that a person in this world solely belongs you is too juicy to not consider. Through films, poetry, books and various other sources we have been told time and again that there exists an “other half” with whom we are destined to meet and share a lifetime of companionship and happiness.

What is a soulmate?
The age old concepts of soulmates can be traced back to ancient Greece where Plato presented a theory that humans originally had four arms, four legs and a single head made up of two faces. Zeus inorder to curb the superman ability, spilt them into two condemning them to a lifetime searching for the other half to become ‘whole’ again.

Modern views on soul mates are often Hollywood inspired as “the one” for whom everyone spends searching their entire life.It is a “love at first sight “ moment if we ever stumble across the one with whom we have such mutual understanding and unexplainably drawn to be in a relationship.
Soul mates are brought into your life so that you can grow and expand into the best version of yourself.



Soulmates: Fact or Fiction?
Many feel the concept of soul mates is highly unlikely to exist.There are many people who have unbelievably high expectations from their partners and when they are not met, are often let down and thrown into depression. Soul mates and the stereotypes surrounding sex, love and romance have shown that popular culture perpetuates certain myths that we’ve been duped into believing. Often we leave ourselves to fate and do not even try to win the heart of the person which we like.
Even if we have found the ‘perfect’ one, that doesn’t guarantee that it would last forever. There are going to be some challenges and overcoming them would be the true test of the relationship. We just cannot spend our lives waiting for destiny. Sometimes destiny chooses to have your heart broken, because it would be a lesson in disguise.

Don’t write off your relationship because it’s difficult at times–understand that the difficultly is an opportunity for you grow. People who are in your life are here to help you become a better person, to expand and grow in love.
All you have to do is accept the challenge.

Arpit Mishra

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