Music in every teenager’s life

Music in every teenager’s life

“Without music, life would be a mistake”,these words were once said by a great German Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. Music plays an important role in every teenager’s life these days. It is available in various forms of genre like rap,gangsta,hip-hop,rock,metal etc have various impacts on teenagers. Each genre has its own dress code and attitude, which each teenager adopts to their lifestyle and identity.


At times, music reflects the innermost feelings of a teenager and at times helps in expressing certain emotions. This can be taken in different ways by different teenagers such as for some they find it relaxing,soothing and energizing while for some it is angering,emotional and violent. It is the basis for certain relationships among teenagers, people with similar taste in music become friends whereas people with different taste don’t gel so well. Some end up arguing about who think it’s better but it’s just their own opinions.

Rap and Rock genres are the emerging trends among teenagers these days. This is because the singers of these genres mainly sing songs related to their personal lives and teenagers listening to these who are undergoing same type of situations relate themselves to the songs and also they develop hope thinking that there are other people in this world with the same type of problems being faced. Music gives exposure to teenagers by showcasing them different things and making them open-minded. We can say what kind of situation a teenager is going through, by knowing the type of music they listen to. We all have stories and memories tied to songs that have become a part of who are, because music plays an integral part of shaping our identity as we mature through life.


Surveys say that teenagers find music helpful to get over feelings like depression and break-ups, as it helps them persevere through the tough moments in life and sometimes floods with fond and bittersweet memories while listening to songs. It is said to be the best way to spend leisure time and it is now available through different sources.

Technology is also developing different sources and gadgets such as MP3 players, iPods, applications in mobile phones etc. There are wide range of software tools for teenagers to get engaged in music creation, developing lyrics for songs, making videos etc. Many researches conclude that music is to be developed by people at the adolescent period in order to develop themselves.

Music helps in fading away the feeling of loneliness among teenagers as it is considered to be a friend by them. It is suggested by researchers and doctors to listen music on a daily basis for a duration of 30 mins, as it helps in maintaining a good mood, gaining mental relief, stimulation of brain by keeping it active and decrease the amount of negativity in the minds. It is also noticed that teenagers listen to music at the highest volume which is harmful to the ear and brain and thus recommended to listen at a half volume (5-6 volume points).


Parents of teenagers feel that music is a destructive weapon in the lives of their children and it distracts their well going life. Some parents even blame music for their children’s decline in marks. But this can’t cited as the main reason because it depends on how the child is concentrated and interested in his studies. It is noticed that certain children and teenagers use music to solve subjects like Mathematics and Accountancy as they feel it a remarkable way to concentrate. Some parents are even against the child’s wish of sporting a career in the field of music as they feel it destroys the life of their child by making them induced to different bad aspects like drugs,alcohol,sex and others. But by stopping teenagers to pursue a career in this field not only demotivates them but also leaves them with no choice, as their main talent is not accepted and motivated by their loved ones.

Life and career in the field of music has its own advantages and disadvantages but if the guidance and motivation of parents, teachers, friends and other loved ones is present there is no chance for any teenager or any category of person to fall prey for the disadvantages or threats of this career. Instead it would help them to chase their dreams, grab it and succeed in what they excel. Thus, it can be concluded that music plays an integral part in every teenager’s life to help them mold themselves, build up a character and even pursue a career in.

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