A match that will be saved in the history of Indian Badminton!

A match that will be saved in the history of Indian Badminton!

A feeling that cannot be put in words, is how one describes the Badminton Women’s singles finals at Rio Olympics! A moment of excitement, a moment of desperation, a moment of joy and a moment of disappointment, for that one moment of victory! Both the players, PV Sindhu and Carolina Marin has played their career best game today!

As the match started progressing, the cheering from the supporters got bigger and louder. Though Carolina got a lead in the first set, Sindhu was able to pull it off with amazing back-to-back set points. Carolina, being the world champion could not digest the fact that she lost the first set. Her comeback in the second set was  extremely furious, she dominated at every point and won the set with a lead of 21-12.


This led to the deciding third set which witnessed a neck-to-neck fight between the two girls. Sindhu was just an inch away from taking the lead but the Spaniard was intransigent at every single point to give it away. At the end, Marin took a six-point lead over Sindhu at the championship point and there clutches the first gold for Europe in Badminton!


This match being the first Olympic final for both the girls, neither of them are ready to give up! Carolina was strong and tough, screaming and shouting at break points while Sindhu continued her cool and calm attitude with amazing strokes. Anyone who witnessed the match will definitely appreciate the spirit of Sindhu, the golden girl who won millions of heart despite winning a silver medal.

Such inspiration, much respect!CqO8JPWXgAAvVwT

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