What should housewives do, other than everyday chores?

What should housewives do, other than everyday chores?

Do you experience your mother going through a stressful situation when you return home from school or college? Are you forced to encounter the wrath of your wife after you return home from the office? Is this stress commonly found in working mothers or housewives?

The answer to this is obviously housewives. People may find it difficult to feel so because a working mother is naturally bound to be more stressed out. But in spite of them managing career and family, they tend to somehow find a balance to their life eventually. But why do housewives seem to be more aggressive? The simple answer to this question is nothing but boredom.


When a mother with a profession to handle, they seem to have a purpose to wake up every day in the morning. They may also have different things to do regarding their job but there is less amount of repetition in what they have to do. But when it comes to a housewife, she seems to be more stressed out because every day she wakes up with a lack of ambition in mind. She repeats whatever she does every single day except maybe once a week. This amounts to the boredom level and her brain seems to get duller every day as there is no variation in what she does.

Apart from this, there is a lack of creativity occurring in her mind, because she is used to doing whatever she does. Along with this comes family problems or maybe some personal issues which add up to more pressure along with the boredom. But of course, this may not be true for many housewives. The solution for those who are tired of being a homemaker, can obviously find a job, be it full or part time. But for those who has to be a housewife for family purposes, can definitely find a hobby or learn something new.

These days many localities form associations for housewives, with a meagre amount of money for membership. There are also various classes taken for women such as karate, cooking classes, stitching etc. Apart from this, you can start your own small scale business such as catering, tuitions/babysitting, or even jewellery making and many more. There are also online jobs such as content writing, designing, photography etc. Nowadays, in many parts of India, certain women grow vegetation and flowers in their own gardens and sell it in the market or to neighbours. Other than business, you can also just develop a hobby like cooking, reading, writing blogs and many more. And another thing to make sure is always have a company or maintain a good relationship with your neighbours. This is in order to have someone to hang out with and thus kill your time. You can also resort to learning something new and developing it such as stitching, painting, gardening and many more.

By doing something like this apart from cleaning and cooking, you tend to use your brain cells more. This rise in creativity level can always be a good time killer as well as it can put away all your unwanted thoughts which can happen when you are dull or bored. This implies thoughts such as complexity, loneliness, ignorance and many more. And if you have friends or at least a single friend, you can have someone with whom you can plan kitty parties, “girls day out”, shopping and many more. You can also be sharing the same hobby, business or whatever new thing that you are learning. By learning it can also mean, you can pursue your once dropped out studies by learning in private, let it be graduation or PG/diploma courses.

When you have anything apart from your regular homemaking, you have a new purpose to wake up every day and helps you to challenge yourself. For those who face complexities telling that you are a homemaker, you will never feel abashed anymore. Apart from this, the main support for a housewife is her family, who has to help and encourage her to achieve her dreams.143919742_super_housewife_gettyimages_17rtpuj-17rtpv2

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