PINK is less of a movie and more of a lesson to today’s India!

PINK is less of a movie and more of a lesson to today’s India!

On a personal front, I would not consider Pink as a movie let alone a review for it. That being said, watching Pink is like listening to my fellow girls who faced an utterly unexpected tragic incident amidst their quotidian lives. Post that incident, when their struggles get intense, more cruelty comes in the form of people around them who judge them for being the way they are. Their struggle does not end, until one age-old lawyer, despite his mental illness comes forth to the rescue of these 3 young and independent though helpless women from the illogical clutches of their own society.

Before pondering over all the jitters this movie can give a person, every single one, young or old, rich or poor, educated or  not, strong or weak, male or female, must watch PINK and change the way they judge.

First and foremost, just because a girl is outgoing does not mean she allows any guy she talks to, to make love to her.  Secondly, when a girl is independent does not mean she is careless, she is giving up a lot to stand on her own feet. A girl with relationship issues does not mean she is a spoilt brat, she is struggling to find the true love who can truly love her for what she is, without any materialistic and societal concerns. Above all, never judge a girl by the way how she looks, dresses or lives. When a girl can earn as much as a guy, she feels the same levels of stress and sometimes ever higher. Any girl has the right to drink, smoke or live with a partner that she trusts, believes and loves. Judging a girl on such minuscule criteria would do no good to society than throwing us back into the times when ‘Sati’ was still in practice.

We evolved out of our cocooned preposterous superstitions into a technologically advanced world and it is high-time everyone agrees and accepts to it. Admire women for being bold and strong. Adore them for the inexorable love they shower. Allow them to reach heights higher than yours for their strong mettle and ambitious desire. Instead of crushing a woman who is competing against you, may it be at work or in career and at love or in life, support her, encourage her and be a better mate!

And when a woman says ‘NO’, no matter whether she is your crush or girlfriend or wife or even a nobody, respect her word, she means it!

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