You won’t find workout nasty anymore !

You won’t find workout nasty anymore !

Just started working out? Yes it is exhausting and it takes a quite deal of time to love it. The first week is always difficult and there are times when we almost give up on working out. But holding our head up high is a very crucial part at this point. Hence, here are the seven pointers that will save you from giving up again.


  1. Turn up some music.

If you are a beginner to exercising, you would already know by now what kind of devil it is. It is quite difficult to not resist the demon inside your head telling you to give up. Working out with a buddy is quite helpful but face it, at one point working out gets torturous. One of the best ways of keeping up with your goal is turning up some music. It is always fun to work out with some music. It makes you move more and more. There are many “work out playlists” that you can find on the internet. You can also make your own playlist which helps you move. Beyoncé, perhaps?

  1. Raise the fun quotient.

Working out regularly is a good habit. What is frustrating is that after a while the same old routine doesn’t help you the same way as before. That is because our body tends to adapt with its surroundings. Following the same regime of exercise for a while later leads to no weight loss. We need to keep challenging our body if we want effective results. Sounds like a tedious work? Nope. All you need to do is raise the fun quotient in your work out regime. By mixing up your routine i.e. running or jogging one day, yoga the next day, a go at Zumba the day after and so on and so forth, your fitness routine won’t bore you and will help you to hit your target faster.

  1. Focus on being motivated.

Being motivated is necessary to achieve any goal. It is said that positive thinking produces positive results. Keeping yourself thoroughly motivated throughout your routine helps you keep going on. Always tempt yourself to work harder by reminding yourself the amazing outcomes of exercising, namely, a fit body and mind and confidence in yourself.

  1. Invest in a fitness tracker.

When you are constantly motivated, you tend to take more and more interest in your work. If you have a gym buddy, you both can motivate each other but how long will that go on? A couple of weeks maybe? This is where you can put a good use of a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker helps in keeping track of the number of steps you take during the day and hence motivates you with that information. A popular survey suggests that on average, we should walk at least 10,000 steps daily to be thoroughly healthy and active. Fitness trackers are somewhat expensive but you can get great deals on them via online shopping.

  1. Workout to ensure a good night sleep.

The harder you work out, the more you ensure yourself of a good night sleep. Most of us know that sleeping at least seven hours a day is an important factor for productivity, mood and overall health. Some studies suggest that when people include moderate exercise to their daily routines, they get better sleep and less anxiety. Isn’t that worth hitting the gym?

  1. A healthy cleaning of your system.

Exercising at daily basis is one of the habits we must cultivate. It is the best medicine for a sound body and mind. Once you are habitual to working out, you will notice that your craving for junk or unhealthy food vanishes little by little. Moreover, you are happy, shiny and bright every day. Positivism surrounds you. This is the way work out cleans your system. A definite thumbs up!

  1. Last but not the least, to feel fabulous.

Pat your back because you didn’t give up and now you feel more and more fabulous in yourself! That is the ultimate sweet fruit of your hard work. And believe me that is one thing you don’t want to miss.


So guys now that you know the benefits of not “giving up” on working out, hit up some music and work out to your heart’s content!

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