You can live till 90 with Diabetes

You can live till 90 with Diabetes

For overcoming any kind of struggle in your life,there must be a hint of confidence within you to fight and withstand the hard times.The same philosophical method applies for fighting with diabetes, it’s more of mental disease these days according to research being carried out all over the world.

When a person gets diagnosed with diabetes they feel insecure all of sudden, To be more precise, one feels like they have been tested positive for cancer and their life is about to end which is absolutely wrong. Diabetes is a disease which can be easily managed and even sometimes be cured if correct measures and actions are taken at the right time.
Let’s look at the basic changes to be made in your life to fight diabetes.

Weight Loss
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The first and the foremost step to be taken is to lose your weight, this will solve most of the issues including other obesity related diseases. Make it a strict habit to put on the sports shoes to bring the sugar level in your body under the normal zone.

Diet Control
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There should be some serious changes made in your meal plan, this doesn’t mean just stop eating sweets and fatty foods. It’s time to move to sugar-free cakes, black teas, low sodium salt etc. You are expected to have a mixed diet but a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients present.

Quit Smoking
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Smoking is something to be avoided even by healthy people, but its pleasure and relief to stress makes it hard for people to quit smoking. But when you are diagnosed with diabetes,it’s time to stop smoking completely.There is lot of support groups and aids to help quit smoking. Smoking will aggravate spreading of the disease at a much faster rate.

Inovolve in Social Activities
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People really find it hard to hit the gym on daily basis and they feel like it’s burden, so start involving in more fun oriented stuff like gardening, painting, cycling, playing with children, take a walk with your headphones etc. These stuff will increase your heartbeat slowly and gradually without you being noticed, due to the involvement of your brain and passion to your work.

Self Check-up
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It’s important and necessary to check your foot everyday looking for any nerve damages or unusual blisters, swelling and anything out of ordinary. If so, please visit the doctor as soon as you can. These days you can check your BP at your home with the present sophisticated devices but it’s advised it would be better to visit a doctor for a confident and moral results.

Living Environment
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The living atmosphere around you plays a major role in controlling sugar levels.Try to live in an environment which you like but try to adapt to less stress involving area. Keeping your calmness and mental stability is really important, as mood swings can cause cardiovascular problems which might even be fatal. The above  measures   are mentioned on many journals you come across in the clinics and hospitals.

But few extra measures can be taken to lead a better life, they are easier to follow also. Let’s start with the basic need of our life which is food. Try to have more diabetic oriented meal which is start having the foods which are recommended for the diabetic patients. This doesn’t mean switching to entirely different diet but little more extra effort is taken. Start with checking out the food’s content on the box’s label. While eating fill your plate mostly with fruits and less carbohydrates and protein.The important symptom of Diabetes is that feeling itchy, so instead of scratching your skin all day long use lotion,ccreams to keep your skin moist and oiled, dry free. Start using a smaller plate such that when you sit to eat,you feel like your having feast but actually your eating less than your normal quantity. Try to divide your three-day meal into five or six-day meal so that you don’t feel hungry. Start using juices in sipper bottles in offices and homes so that the intake is lesser but it keeps your tongue wet.

The next important measure would be visiting your doctor on a regular intervals of time, seeing a doctor frequently doesn’t mean your sick, it is just safer measure as well as educated opinion on your new lifestyle embedded with all the above mentioned changes and asking for his advice and thoughts.

All the things noted above is possible and few are tricky but

It is possible to lead normal even a better life with Diabetes. It’s not a disease like Cancer, this can be controlled

with just small amount of hard work and following some rules. Still everything can be done only when you feel to fight against the disease, having positive attitude on things will change the way of your view on the issues. Diabetes is not fatal disease it’s something which can be kicked to the curbs if things are handled correctly.

Hari govind

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