Pamper your tresses this Summer!

Pamper your tresses this Summer!

Summer is a time of frolic and shopping, but it can also be a season of gloom and dryness if you do not know how to beat the heat. This is the time of the year where your body and hair can face a little bit of trouble if not well maintained. The most common issue faced is the dryness and dullness of the hair in spite of constant shampooing.


There are a few steps to avoid this and maintain the beauty of your hair. The first and foremost requirement is to keep yourself hydrated. Hydration is not only for the body but it also nourishes your hair since they are breathing and not dead strands. Drink at least 2 litres of water every day. This is because of the constant sweating, your body tends to dehydrate. Even if you may be under cool conditions most of the time such as being in an air-conditioned office, mall etc. or anywhere, it is always good to be hydrated.

This is because although you may be under cool air conditions, your body just avoids to sweat, but the inner hydration still does not take place. Drink a lot of water along with the consumption of fruits and vegetables which have a lot of water content such as orange, watermelon, cucumbers etc. You can also consume a lot of fresh juices and salads. Apart from the consumption part, there are also certain other tips to maintain your beautiful hair.


People always have a tendency to avoid hair oils during summer due to its sticky nature and it can be an irritation especially if you are sweating. But the truth is, hair oil is most important at this point of the year. Apply hair oil in a manner where it is limited yet covers every hair strand from root to tip. This must be followed at least once a week. After the application, leave it for a minimum of 45 minutes (can be left to wash up to 3 hours).

The next step is to wet your hair and apply shampoo and leave it for at 30 minutes ensuring deep cleansing. Rinse it, and apply a mild conditioner and massage your hair with it while leaving it for 15 minutes. Make sure you massage the conditioner deep within the roots up to the tip of your hair. Wash it off and wipe each and every corner of your scalp. Blow dry your scalp for 3 minutes on every part of your head. Apply a bit of serum especially those who have frizzy hair and comb it.


Take a look at the most beautiful hair in your mirror! Those of you who have problems with dandruff, make sure you get an anti-dandruff treatment at the beginning of the season. Those who have issues with dandruff along with head lice or just the latter, make sure you get a solution for the treatment from your Doctor or a Pharmacist and follow directions. Apart from this avoid tying damp hair. Leave your hair open until it is dry. These methods can also be followed by men, although keeping yourself hydrated and nourished is the biggest requirement of the hour.

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