• Paradise – The world of dreams and fantasies!

    Paradise – The world of dreams and fantasies!1

    I am a person who can build castles in air till the end of eternity. The revived craze about Star Wars gave me all the more reason to seriously think about the specifications of my ideal fantasy world, my Paradise. I listed down my ideas so that I can have an honest discussion about it with Santa

  • Once a Potterhead, ALWAYS a Potterhead!

    Once a Potterhead, ALWAYS a Potterhead!0

    Four years since the last movie came out, but the fandom lives on, and will continue to do so. Facebook pages, Tumblr memes, Comic cons, fan fictions, merchandise, museums, and Pottermore! HP fans or “Potterheads” as we like to call ourselves have left no stones unturned. Our queen J.K. Rowling is talking to Pottermore and Twitter to


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