Paradise – The world of dreams and fantasies!

Paradise – The world of dreams and fantasies!

I am a person who can build castles in air till the end of eternity. The revived craze about Star Wars gave me all the more reason to seriously think about the specifications of my ideal fantasy world, my Paradise. I listed down my ideas so that I can have an honest discussion about it with Santa on this Christmas. After all I have been a good kid the entire 2015. (I have my own definition of ‘good’)

  1. My Paradise planet will be, at an adjustable distance from the Sun. Also, there will be special Sun heat regulators so that I can adjust the temperature as I deem fit.

  2. There will be instant “CHAAT” trees which will be capable of growing various types of chaat delicacies. I would christen them according to the type of dish produced – “Sev Puri Tree”, “Bhel Tree”, “Papdi Chaat Tree”, “Dahi Chaat Tree”, “Samosa Chaat Tree”… This will definitely solve the problem of deforestation. I mean who would cut such delicious trees! 😛

  3. I am a hard core onion lover. My friends can vouch for that. So, the Plant of the Planet will be the Onion Plant. Moreover, production and consumption of Bitter Gourd, Bottle Gourd and Ridge Gourd will be banned. Offenders will be prosecuted!

  4. Panda will be the Animal of the Planet, Golden Pheasant will be the Bird of the Planet and Mango will be the Fruit of the Planet.

  5. I will develop Smart Cities which will be open to only those people who will be able to pass the basic sarcasm test. This will ensure that no intolerant attitude pollutes the divinity of these sacred destinations. These cities will have the following facilities:

  6. Rivers of fruit juices, beer, vodka, mojito, pina colada, coke and a variety of hot soups will be developed. What else do you need in life?

  7. There will be FREE WI-FI for everyone!First few lucky residents of Paradise will be given a lifetime free subscription to Netflix.

  8. Instead of trains, planes and ships, these smart cities will have smart Apparition stations. Be anywhere at anytime with anyone. <3 Your mom will never find out! 😀 This has added benefit of zero pollution. Me Eco-friendly!

  9. Each smart city will have its own personal Chocolate/Candy Mountain. A witty joke at the ticket counter can fetch you a lovely surprise. :)

Now coming to the most important part, the special Rights of Paradise  residents:

Right to Sarcasm
Every resident will have a right to make sarcastic comments about anything. Anybody who feels offended can go find shelter in mommy’s lap. Ain’t nobody listening to your cribbing! 😛

Right to a Cute Pet

All the kids will have a right to own a cute pet. No parent can say No! But it will be the responsibility of the kid to take utmost care of this new cute family member.

Right to Love Marriage
Every couple will have a right to marry their lover given that both agree to it. No court or law can dismiss their marriage until and unless the couple doesn’t want to be together anymore

Right to a Rape Detector brain implant for women.
These implants will allow them to detect dangerous rapists lurking in their vicinity. It will also empower them with a special brain wave which, in case of an emergency, will emit brain waves, temporarily paralyzing the suspect rapist and transporting him directly to jail.

Right to optimum Height and Weight
All the residents will have a right to decide as well as adjust their heights and weights. End to Vertical and Horizontal Racism!

Oh my God! My brain is flying. I so want to live in this  Atlantis. I want it , I want it, I want it!!! I hope Santa agrees to all of this. Hey, do you guys have any suggestions for this perfect planet? Mention them in the comment section below and I will talk to Santa about it! Till then, Adios!

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Bhoomika Gupta
  • Aditi Prasad

    The planet should have free wifi everywhere. 😀

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