Mother’s Day? It’s Every day!

Mother’s Day? It’s Every day!

As said by Rudyard Kipling,” God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.”

Today, I take the pleasure to talk about Mom’s. If god made something really beautiful, that is being a Mom, the ultimate gift a girl would ever get. One’s journey to this magnificent world starts from our mother’s womb. Mother carries her baby in her womb for nine months in spite of the pain and various struggles she faces in that period, without complaining but with a content heart. Her womb is the first protection she gives to her child. Not just carrying a baby, after the baby is born she takes care of the baby like a mother (because there is no comparison to Mother’s love and care)

How many times have you come late to your home and found your mother waiting for you to make sure you reach safe and have food? How many times have you seen your mother give away something just for you? Countless, such instances! Be it a tom and jerry fight with your neighbor or a tsunami coming she will be always on  your side.

A mother is an angel, her warm embrace, her soft hands and her sweet smile is a heaven on earth. May be this is why people compare mother’s womb with cloud 9. May it be a bad day at work/school or something is pricking you or someone is hurting you, your mom is the first one to listen to you and give the best she could do. There are more mothers who sacrificed their lives for kids than the other way round.

Love in its purest form comes from the moment a woman becomes a mom and stays till her last breath. So, what are we doing to such a wonderful  person in our life? Does wishing her Happy Mother’s Day on Second Sunday of May would be enough? Just a single day enough to convey a lifetime of gratitude? If you think so, there is nothing one can do than to pity you.

Mother’s day isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a one day celebration. We must show our mothers our gratitude every day. We are forever indebted to this enigma lady but we can do a little every day to see a smile on her beautiful face. Isn’t her happiness as important to us as ours is to her? Doing a small deed everyday to ensure our mothers’ happiness is a small way of celebrating Mother’s Day everyday.

You don’t need to struggle hard to keep your mom happy because mom’s aren’t greedy or jealous like us and they see their happiness in ours. Make your mom feel happy, talk to her everyday, spend time with her whenever possible, wish her first on her birthday, celebrate your mom’s birthday party, atleast send her a card. You have no idea how happy she feels in this minutest of things. I experienced it personally and I’m proud to say my MOM is my strength, my adviser, my best friend and in short my everything.

A mother is a woman to be cherished everyday in all our lives. Even J.K Rowling shows the bond between a mother and her child in her popular book series Harry Potter by portraying the powerful magic of a mother’s love.


A tribute to all the wonderful mothers out there.

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