Did Battle of the Bastards blow our minds out?

Did Battle of the Bastards blow our minds out?
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Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead for “Battle of the Bastards”, the 9th episode of Game of Thrones.
C’mon guys, it’s past 24 hours this episode has aired, if you haven’t watched it yet, then you don’t need to comply yourself from not reading this post! 😛

Agree to the fact that any GoT fan or per se an ordinary viewer was under the impression that season 6 of GoT is the most boring and predictable one of all. We will definitely not deny this fact, although they are a handful of heart clenching and breath-taking moments scattered in bits and parts, here and there. The foremost reason for this is David Benioff and D.B Weiss, the executive producers of GoT deviating a lot from what would going to be in G.R.R. Martin’s 6th and 7th books (script in short). The other reason could be the show nearing its climax and you would not just keep killing all important characters (and bring them back like Meh!!)

Coming to the ‘Battle of the Bastards’, the only regrettable thing is not ‘why did Rickon Stark die that way?‘ but ‘why des he have such less screen time than any other Stark kids?‘. The only important scene for Rickon is his death, he just needed to run until he died (Good that he did not have to be fed for Ramsay’s hounds). Though his death surely razed anger in Jon Snow to kill the Bolton’s Bastard, Ramsay!


Leaving Rickon to Rest In Peace, there are other things like these which went just as expected –

Dragon Queen Daenerys saving Meereen – How can anyone (even the masters) think of taking over Daenerys’s kingdom? It is totally understandable if they risked it when Lady Stormborn was not in Mereen but when she just landed with her dragons then you are left with no words! Dracarys!!




The inevitable death of Rickon Stark – Everyone including Sansa knew that Ramsay is not going to exempt Rickon from death! Only Jon Snow knew nothing and hoped to save Rickon from the bulls-eye of Ramsay!! 

Peter Baelish coming to the Stark’s (Sansa indeed) rescue – Half-way through the war in that very anxious moment, when all the wildling army of Jon is falling down against the game plan of Ramsay, there was a tiny voice from inside of our heads which kept saying that someone would come to their rescue.

battle of the bastardsIt would not have been anyone else if not for Mr.Little finger with the Arryn army.sansa_peter

Jon Snow somehow winning the Battle of the Bastards – The battle scenes have to be appreciated just for the way they were shot. Especially the scenes where Jon Snow is battling. These scenes were not filled with intense drama but they were close to reality and easy to sink in as if it was happening for real.


If not for Wun-Wun, Tormund and Davos, sustaining Ramsay’s army would have definitely been a tough call for Jon!



The most deserved death of Ramsay Snow – Finally, this was the D-episode (analogous to the D-day) where Ramsay finally dies. Who would have not wanted this Psychopath to die? From the time he started torturing Theon till the moment he killed Rickon, he has always lived up to his levels of psycho-ism. But the two cherished moments are when Jon smashed the guts out of Ramsay’s head and the moment when Sansa lets Ramsay’s very own dogs feed on him!

On the whole, ‘Battle of the Bastards’ did not fail to continue the legacy of episode 9’s Epicness! Hope, “The Winds of Winter” will be able to give us an adrenaline rush with ‘White Walkers story’, suffice us with the fact behind Jon Snow’s birth, Cersei’s trial and Arya Stark’s return!

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