To the dreadful Monday blues..!

To the dreadful Monday blues..!

Like Dementors, Mondays suck the life out of you and cast blues over you.

The only thing that excites someone like me on Monday is “the sarcastic and funny quotes questioning about Monday’s existence”. If only Monday had a face, no wonder that anyone would leave it without punching hard!! But in reality…



The hardest phase is to wake up early on Monday. Firstly, your bed seems so cozy and embracing, that makes you do anything to not wake up!! Being used to wake up late on weekends leaves you hopeless on Monday. No more excuses, you have to break up with your lovely bed and get your ass out!



Hangover- though Saturday is the party night, most of our plans end up on Sunday, which leaves you getting HIGH yet again.! So hangover awaits you as soon as you get conscious.


Once you are awake, the entire world around you seems so distorted with the heavy head. Even brushing teeth takes out all the energy from you leave aside going to work.


As a kid, my body used to get so dramatic on Monday morning. I would suffer from stomach ache to fever, given a chance any disease that comes into my head, to convince mom that I can’t go to school. Your childhood is not complete unless you bunked your school at least once on Monday morning.  But now, things have transformed tremendously. No one believes if you get sick on Monday especially your boss!


Umm.. the food!! After two days of delicious good food, eating in the cafeteria can be no less than a nightmare


Here come the deadly ones – Deadlines!! With Monday come the deadlines, which most of us forget during the weekend. May it be at work or at college, you immediately rush to your best man, who can help you out. If not, you are possibly roasted by your loving boss/professor.


Every damn thing on Monday feels so painful even when it is not. It feels like Monday has more than 24 hours or someone jinxed the time such that it moves at the pace of a snail on Monday.


The more one waits for a weekend, the more one regrets on Monday morning. As always Monday comes and goes every week, nothing changes. It is just inertia, which makes one reluctant to come out of the break.

But somehow, the day comes to an end and no one whines or cribs about Tuesday! Because, Monday is the mommy, who gives you a head start and preps you up for the rest of the week!!


If Monday was a Sunday, no one would even get to work and waiting for weekends to party would never be an option. As they say “Beginnings are hard”, so are Mondays. With Monday begins the journey of the week to end awesomely on a Saturday!!

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