Shopping – The sole reason why girls live (love it) :P

Shopping – The sole reason why girls live (love it) :P

Shopping, the one word that inspires and cheers up all the girls on this earth. It doesn’t matter how many times we(girls) shop, it is fascinating every single time. May it be street shopping or shopping in malls or even online – the word ‘shopping’ is enough to get us in the mood. In this internet era, online shopping has a dominant role and takes the center stage in the e-com play.

Here are a few reasons why online shopping helps much:

1. Sale: Summer sale, winter sale, end of season sale, end of reason sale, there is never an end to any sale. With the ubiquitous e-commerce websites and apps you would find a sale definitely any day and being accustomed to bargaining we would prefer a 20% discount on 1000 bucks rather than spending 800 on the same thing. So logical! 😛

2. Wide range of collection: Online platform is wider, the numerous collections and styles, the various brands and too many colors/shades. What not? Everything is at your finger tips, just swipe it and you are done!!

3. Lazy souls: For the lazy souls who are dead tired to get out of bed, online shopping is handy. You can lay lazy in your cozy bed and can shop everything without moving your ass

4. Returns: No need to bother about the color or size, if it fits you or suits you – Order it, try it and return it if you don’t like it. It is such a cake walk 😛

5. No more hustle: You don’t need to carry cash and wallet anywhere, your phone is your new banker for your  shopping 

6. Gift your loved ones: Staying far from loved ones is hard but not making it to their special occasions is even harder to take, so why bear the pain when you can avoid it? Send your loved ones some lovely gifts in no time!!

7. Shop from anywhere, anytime and anything. You may be in a class or even in office, if you are bored, it is time to shop. Apparently, the best things are found on such times! “Just BUY”.  

8. No more fussing in the crowd, no more waiting at the trail rooms. Just grab as many as you like and try at home :)

Though online shopping gets a little irritating when the ones you love go ‘Out of stock’. Culprit might be the seller or some fellow girl like you, you have to be in the race to grab the best ones at the earliest

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