Mystified Manhood

Mystified Manhood

“Is it my fault if they love me more?” He exclaimed with his teary eyes.

She smirked. “It is the fault of SEX. You are Y and I am X”.

The battle amidst the two genders of the human race is incessant and inevitable as well. It is not a scuffle for survival but a desire to dominate and an itch to dictate the other. An exasperated desire always remains the most desirable job to be done, thus making the battle inexorable till date. Gender discrimination is ubiquitous in every thread of our societal framework. Yes! There exists a prodigious predisposition while treating a man and a woman. A Woman is often contemplated as ‘woe (for) man’. God’s creation, which reveals his virtuosity in uniting all the essentialities of life in a nut shell, is thoroughly and wilfully dishonoured. In the 21st century, a woman still toils to prove her worth. Why? The answer to this ‘why’ still remains an enigma. A slight beam of hope emerges as humankind witnesses a genuine endeavour to eliminate the very basic foundation of gender discrimination. Abusive attitude towards women is certainly insidious. By the same token, the feminists are wailing too. Over the due course of time, feminism is no longer an ideology to accept and improve the quintessential aspects of being a woman. It has transformed into a mode to denigrate the other partner of human race.

Gender discrimination persists and who is responsible for that? Is it the fault of Man? Or can it be blamed on the chromosomes? In this prevailing fight between Man and Woman, the whole humankind is buried to prove each other wrong without having the slightest hint to discover the actual culprit. Hilarious, isn’t it? The dialogue mentioned in the beginning of the article is, of course, an outcome of fictional creation. However, no fiction in this world is completely fiction. A writer sculpts a hundred characters, brews plenty of emotions, untangles many complexities of life and assembles a story. Though the story is portrayed as a complete work of fiction, it has a slice of the writer’s experiences. It bears the unrevealed outlook of the writer. The aforementioned dialogue is scripted and probably nobody talks like this in the real world. However, it harbours the venomous reality of life. In this day and age, when smudging your pout with a red lip-gloss is not a trait of a prostitute, not every man looks at a woman to have a free sex. If the son of the family is more qualified than the daughter, it doesn’t mandatorily reflect any sort of injustice towards the girl child’s education. Sometimes a husband scolds his wife for her own good as well. Is there no story for a man? Has Feminism become the only food for thought? Is it like MAN is the biggest threat to Woman? A deafening refusal rebounds.

MAN is scientifically defined as the bearer of ‘Y’ chromosome in the human race, is linguistically classified as ‘HE’ and is socially declared as superior to woman. A man grows in life while juggling a wide array of roles. A son takes birth in the family and immediately receives the responsibility to carry forward the family norms. A brother is handed over the responsibility to protect his sister. A man’s salary status is a prime requirement while seeking a bride. A man grasps the role of a husband and remains squeezed between the demands of wife and mother till either of them leave him. As soon as he attains fatherhood, he becomes the unsung sponsor of his child’s whims and fancies. Upon retrospection, a man indubitably undergoes a lot of onuses. Who prescribed these roles and their respective obligations to Man? Was it man himself? Or a woman? Or was it a joint endeavour? Reaction to these queries too, holds a good amount of perplexity. Not every girl in this world is bereaved from her basic needs. There are parents who tussle to give the best to both their son and daughter but yet demand filial responsibilities from the son alone. There are cases of male sexual harassment. There transpires an emotional abuse to a man when he fails to balance between the women of his life. If a mother fails to fulfil a child’s demand she is spared but a failed father remains a stigma to the family.

This article is not a denial towards the prevailing problems faced by a woman in our society but a small appreciation towards Man. Female foeticide, girl child trafficking, rape, sexual harassment, physical and emotional abuse, forbidding the basic rights and every cruelty possible is an ugly veracity in the present scenario. Men with impoverished outlook do exist but not every man is a scoundrel. Feminists screech for gender equality. Equality for what? Is it only for right or for duties too? If a son fails to keep up his familial duties economically, no parents ask their daughter to fulfil their needs. If a man wishes to take care of the household chores society questions his masculinity. If a man complains of marital rape and physical abuse people disbelieve him. A man no longer remains a man if he sheds tears. A man not listening to his wife is a baddie. A man lending an ear to his wife’s outlook is a slave to his wife. A man cannot mistakenly push a woman in a public transport. If a man looks at a woman twice he bears an intention to rape. Hysterical!!! Where should he go? What should he do? How should he behave?

The problem is indeed related to ‘SEX’ but the troublemaker is neither Y nor X. It is the societal psyche which is to be blamed. It is the age-old cumbersome tradition to be charged. There were many men who sowed the concept of feminism. At the same time, there exist many women who are ready to stub out womanhood from earth. Discrimination arises from the mind-set of an individual. Demeaning MAN is not Feminism. Denigrating MAN can never enrich womanhood. If equality is the need of time, teach Equality and not Superiority. The present scenario of dictatorial feminism does nothing but to create a MYSTIFIED MANHOOD.

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