Three Days of Catharsis by Atrayee Bhattacharya

Three Days of Catharsis by Atrayee Bhattacharya

What would make you more elated than seeing talented writers publishing their books! Here’s to one such amazing author – Atrayee Bhattacharya. Congratulating on her first publish and cherishing the happiness together.

Know more details about the book below:
Book – Three Days Of Catharsis
Genre – Fiction (Memoir)
Author – Atrayee Bhattacharya
Publisher – Educreation India
ISBN: 9781618133564
Book Release – 19th July 2016 (worldwide). Available in both print and ebook form through various online portals like Amazon, Google books, Playstore, Kindle store, Flipkart and Educreation website.

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Book Description:
We live in an opinionated world, a world where no one is accepted the way they are. We live in a world where societal norms remain an inseparable acquaintance. God displayed his creative acumen while crafting us as just homo-sapiens but we grew and distinguished ourselves based on language, culture, country, religion, caste and what not. Amidst the maelstrom of distinctions, what is it that truly defines our identity?

Katyayini Krishnan is an outcome of true love. Born to a Bengali mother and an Iyer father and brought up in a multicultural country Singapore, she truly epitomizes a cultural blend. However, whom does she actually belong to? Tamilians or Bengalis? Can Bangla be her mother tongue in the prevalent patriarchy? How dare she chomp chicken with Iyer blood running in her veins? Who would be her prospective groom, a Bong or a Tamilian?

The story revolves around the reminiscences of Katyayani, who comes to IIM Kolkata on a student exchange program. A sarcastic interactive session with two IIM officials needles her to start questioning her identity. Furthermore, when her maternal grandfather introduces her to the norms of a patriarchal society, she reminisces about several incidents where her parents pedantically make her understand that she is a cultural blend and unique. Her cathartic journey continues when she meets her gamophobic cousin, Thia. A series of conversations makes Katyayani to reveal the nitty-gritties of an intercultural family, her learning process to speak a multitude of languages, how God provided her a channel to start eating non-vegetarian food, and most importantly her fun-filled journey amidst the behavioral and cultural differences between her bloodlines. The story continues with her past chequered love life with a Bengali cultural bigot, Sudhanshu, marking an attendance in her present. Amidst the god-fearing family members, Katyayani reveals her open relationship with God and her concept of spirituality to Thia. Even after knowing the minutiae of her life, when Thia still questions her identity, she finds her mind free from befuddlement. She defines the true meaning of culture to Thia, she declares her accomplishments as her virtue and she redefines her identity as an outcome of true love and a cultural blend.

This book is not a love story or a depiction of two varied cultures but a hodgepodge of emotions of a child, the journey of a young mind from confusion to self-realization and a query to the cultural bigots from a civilized human being. It is an effort to bring about a monumental change in humanity to grow and survive as homo-sapiens and not to cling on to a particular language or culture to define ourselves. Three Days of Catharsis is dedicated to all those souls who believe their virtue lies in their accomplishments as a civilized living being.

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  • Atrayee Bhattacharya

    Thank you reviste team for your wishes. Writing has always been like my mind speaking out what is unspoken. Read the life of Katyayini Krishnan. I am sure you will find her revealing your own thoughts.

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