Change is tempting, Isn’t it ?

Change is tempting, Isn’t it ?
" To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”Winston Churchill

One thing in life is certain- change. Browsing through your old albums you realize how much has changed in the last five years or so. Look around you. The most impeccable inspiration you will get from is ‘nature’. Nature is the ultimate epitome of change. It signifies change and beautifies its motive. Change is something that is inevitable. It is something which is bound to happen. Nobody can escape the snarls of change.

A change can be positive or negative. Historical events show us the positivity of change. While going through a History textbook, you are bound to hop upon the word ‘revolution’. And the first thing your History teacher will explain you about revolution is- It is a change. Change is always attributed with positivity.

The world has been constantly changing since ages. A big wide world changing every second, getting better every second is an anticipated process.  But in this big wide world all of us have our smaller worlds. The world which every one of us moulds since our birth constituting our family, friends, likes and dislikes, habits, temptations etc. But at the human level, at the very basis of a physical life, a change can be terrifying.

We go through a change when our daily routine discontinues to be in our favour. Say, a writer who is constantly sticking to a particular genre of literature is never able to satisfy his editor with his writing. He might be really passionate about that particular genre but he clearly doesn’t show satisfactory results. His editor would tell him to try out other genres, experiment and find out which of them is his forte. The writer will eventually have to go through a change. A person who is in a fated relationship, goes an extra mile everyday trying to ensure his lover’s continued affection only to be put down by her every time. His friends would advise him to break away from this unyielding shackle, to find happiness elsewhere. This is when the change starts getting terrifying.


Breaking away is always the first step. But this step comes with the difficult task of putting our mind before our heart. And even if we conquer this step, we can never escape from the familiar, comforting bed of roses impersonated by the past. There is always this longing to go back and why does this longing haunt us? It is because the past seems so familiar and the life ahead doesn’t. We desperately try to cling to something which reminds us of this past, be it memories, pictures or dreams.

How can people say that a change is always positive when just the idea of a change creeps us to the bone? The life which people leave behind them tempts them every second. Funny thing about temptation is that it always draws us towards something bad. We always say how the temptation for junk food is bad because it will affect our health. Likewise, this huge crater inside us which longs for crawling back to that mistake again takes a toll on us every second. People even lose their minds. Why? Because they are stuck between that longing to go back and putting their best foot forward to accepting a change in their lives. It’s the temptation that gets to them.

Tempting, isn’t it? The career you left because it got you nowhere, the lover you left because all they gave you was more reasons to quit on them, that last cigarette you smoked on your rooftop claiming to start a better life from that day forth, that last cup of wine, that last batch of weed and marijuana. It is tempting because in spite of the troubles they caused you, you can’t help but think of the first rush of happiness that went through you in that journey. The first day of your old career, the first glance of that person who taught you what love meant, the anti-depressing qualities the drugs, alcohol and cigarettes magically had on you. Yes, it is tempting. But there is a reason that it is in the past and that is the fact that it was a mistake. And no matter how good it might feel right now but crawling back to it will always be a mistake. No matter how much you prepare yourself to do things right this time, it will end up falling apart.


This is the negativity of a change. The fact of acknowledgement that you will have to accept that change. That is the only negative part in the process because it crushes you inside. But when you accept the fact and actually make some effort to steer through the clustered mess, you realise the positivity of the change. And you start being a new you.

This acceptance of the circumstances of life gets you closer to yourself and your happiness. Ultimately everyone is searching for happiness in their lives. And people bring happiness to their lives themselves. Life is beautiful at every step. Learn to embrace the change which helps you grow to a better future. Winston Churchill once said,

” To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”


  • Vishesh Gaurav

    I found the article an interesting read. Though it was a little vague for my liking, maybe it was your aim but I would like to suggest you to keep a strong motive or point around which your words should be centered. Keep up the good work.

    PS – Update your profile.

    • arun sharma

      i found it very strong view by author Isvi Mishra ,

  • Akhil Gandhi

    I once heard it from my friend, " If you cannot inspire at least one person to pursue the work as a career which you are doing then you should switch to anything else ".

    And this article of yours surely is very provoking. Good work. :)

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