Relationships in College – 101

Relationships in College – 101

Now that I am back in college and it has been around 3 weeks since the classes commenced, life has started to become more clear and  sunshiny. The first thing that I’ve realized so far is that there are no weekends, there are no mornings and no nights, all that remains is deadlines, group projects and presentations. In this constant run of catching-up, you interact with a lot of people and form relationships which may or may not last long. Some of these relationships take the form of friendship, some go to a higher level of crushes, some form strong bonds of love and some end up being the weak links of dislike (you always hate the Hermione Granger species of your class, don’t you?). So, let us dive a little bit into the topic and take a glance at these various kinds of relationships that we form during college:

The Senior Crush: As soon as you enter college, the first conversation among the members of the girl-gang (or boy-gang) is how everyone in your batch looks like a monkey and how all the seniors resemble Jensen Ackles <3. The mature, kind, generous hunks with the body of a wrestler and the heart of a prince 😀 . And this is situation of the boy-gang:relationships

The Bench Mate:  These are the ones with whom you have to be really friendly. They are the ones who are responsible to wake you up during boring lectures, pass you notes and help you when you can’t make head and tail of what is happening in the universe. However, in case you are really unlucky and God just loves to play with your life, you get a question mark as your bench mate. Your fate is sealed for an entire year. There is not much that you can do about it. The only way you can bring peace to your heart is through constant prayers.

The Project Group: These are the ones with whom you will fight the most throughout the year. They will irritate the hell out of your guts but they will form one of the strongest bonds with you over the course of time. You will fight together, work together, gossip together, eat together and have fun together.

The Committee Group: Once you get into a committee, and if the committee actually organizes events in college, this group will become your grievance portal. They do not belong to your class or direct friend circle and hence cannot spread the rumors about you. You can share the sorrow regarding your uncooperative faculty, your “we-take-you-for-granted” project group, your question mark of a bench mate and your crushes. It is that confession room of the church where everything is confidential and sealed and nothing goes out of the four walls.crush3

The Seasonal Love: Do you see a couple roaming around in campus right now? Did you see them with someone else yesterday? Do you see these people in pairs everyday? Well, these are seasonal couples! <3 Love is a game and they play it pretty well. No hard feelings and no strings attached. Mind it that these are not those couples who are actually friends and stupid society can’t let them be that. These are people who say, “Ya! we are just trying it out. Let’s see what happens”, “Ummm, we haven’t decided yet. Let’s see where he/she gets placed”, “It’s too soon to say if it will last”. I think you got the gist of it.relationships
The Soul Mates: These the lucky people who loose their heart (and then grades 😛 ) in college. They belong to a rare species these days but they do exists. They have relationship goals and they don’t take temporary BS. For them, the entire campus includes- their 2 hostel rooms, the far away cubicle in library, the darkest place in the area and sometimes public squares (for PDA). You take a look at them and you feel “Aweeeee”relationships

There are many other bonds that you form here at college. The alliances, the correlations, the network that you build during this ephemeral time will stay with you for the rest of your lives. It is the feeling which will leave you happy and sad at the same time. So enjoy the moments and form the strongest bonds that you can. Believe me when I say it, you won’t get it in corporate life. So now is the time, live life king size!!! <3 😀

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Bhoomika Gupta

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