Build an insane gaming PC in your house!

Build an insane gaming PC in your house!

To all the avid PC gamers out there, I think finally its time. Instead of buying a laptop with specifications that can be outdated in a few months, let’s build a PC. This is one of the walk through of building two PC’s –
1. A really basic one for practice and
2. A gaming rig that has the top of the industry specifications.

When you are building a gaming rig you can put in insane specifications that none of the top dogs in the industry can match.

When a top of the line laptop is introduced, it has months of research behind it. When the idea of a laptop is floated by the board of a company, first the deliberations and debate over the top industry parts are done. This step might take quite a few weeks and finally the parts are decided based on the cost effectiveness, power and the profit that they could bring to the company. Next the laptop is shifted to the research and development sector where a prototype of the laptop is built and fully tested. Finally it goes for mass production and development. These two steps might take a few months. Finally after months of media publicity and much fanfare the laptop is finally unveiled and after a month or so the laptop finally reaches the stores where you can buy it. The development of a laptop from the planning stage to the final end product took almost half a year to complete! By that the specifications that the laptop is going to have is already outdated.

Hence if you want specifications that are truly unmatched then you have to settle for building our own PC. There is a little amount of studying involved, a little amount of shopping and a little amount of effort in working with machines. To be honest, building your own PC is not too big a deal. Following is the shopping list that you need to follow with a short introduction of each part if you are trying to build your own PC.

The case of the CPU is where all the components of the CPU are going to be kept. If you are building a top of the line gaming rig then try and go for a costlier case as they increase the aesthetic and can accommodate complex types of cooling mechanisms along with the ability to mount better PSUs. I have a particular weakness for cooler master cabinets and my personal favorite is the Cooler Master HAF 912 priced at 7,600 rupees

The Power Supply Unit of the computer is the unit that converts AC from the mains to the suitable sort of electricity required by each of the components and directs it to them. If there is not enough power to draw from, the computer parts may face power throttling and will not work to their highest potential. Corsair has always been a trusted brand in PSU’s and the Corsair CX750 is my all-time favorite. It is priced at 8,299 rupees

This is the place where all the processor, graphic processor unit and RAM is placed. This is one of the most important part of the computer as the processor, RAM and the graphic card is to be replaced frequently however this is going to stay the same for a long time. The specifications would show things like the number of memory slots (the higher is better) or chip inside (intel x99 is the best in my opinion) and selecting the best can get quite a bit difficult. If you are on an unlimited budget then nothing can beat the Asus RAMPAGE V EXTREME priced around 40,000 rupees. Otherwise the Asus Z170 DELUXE is also a good enough choice. The latter is priced at 30,000 rupees

Random Access Memory is the part where the processing related data is stored on a temporary basis. They need as high read and write speed as possible and are divided into generations. DDR5 RAM is the latest generation and hasn’t made its way to the commercial market as of now. DDR4 is the top of the line that is available in the market today. Try going for Corsair RAM sticks or G.Skill sticks. Anything less than DDR4 is just duh!

The processor is the piece of silicon that is responsible for running almost the whole show, it has to be fitted in the motherboard and provides the RAW power to the PC. Having the latest and the best is always a boon. Intel 3 GHz LGA 2011 i7 5960X Processor is simply a beast that makes intensive gaming, lag free. It is priced at 89,700 rupees

Graphic card
The graphic card is the part that handles the extreme gaming graphics and other graphic oriented work which includes the high resolution videos which you might play. Usually it is a very high speed read and write memory stick. 12 GB is the highest that the market has to offer as of now but even 6 GB is more than enough to run even the most graphic intensive games in the market. Galax NVIDIA Geforce Gtx 980 Ti 6 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card is the one that most of the serious gamers used, it is priced at around 52 thousand rupees however if you are after the best market solution go for the Evga NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X SC 12 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card priced at a freakish 1,28,000 rupees

Hard disk
This is the disk where all your files will be stored. These are of two types SSD and HDD, SSD are the faster types which are capable of file transfer at a much faster speed, I would suggest making this the boot-able drive and saving the most opened file in it, buy another hard disk of HDD type which will be cheaper and of greater storage capacity but of a lower read and write speed. For the SSD prefer buying Intel 710 Series 200 GB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (SSDSA2BZ200G301) priced at 49,600 rupees and for HDD I personally prefer the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 6 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (ST6000NM0024); priced at 31,000 rupees

These are the main internals of the CPU that you are going to build for your gaming rig. However there are many other parts that are present such as the USB ports, Wi-Fi adapter, and such. Try going for multi-port (at least 6 ports) USB 3.0 bus by any company of your choice, Huawei being one of the best and for the Wi-Fi adapter my personal preference is the Asus USB-AC56 USB Adapter. A good mouse, keyboard and the monitor are of great importance to a gamer. Try going for the steel series, mad catz, roccat and razor when selecting the keyboard and mouse for your gaming PC. For the monitor try selecting a piece that has at least 2K resolution and if you are going for a 27 inch one then get 4K.

Overall such a PC unit would take almost an unlimited budget to build but such a unit will not go out of the race in the coming years and only the parts are those which will require replacement instead of the whole unit and hence will be much cheaper than buying a whole new gaming setup. This unit is far beyond any piece that is available in the market as of today.

If you want to read further on building your own pc then you can follow up this article,2817,2485172,00.asp

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