Tap to Heal – Technology has come up to self-heal screen cracks

Tap to Heal – Technology has come up to self-heal screen cracks

Don’t we all have a friend whose phone looks somewhat like this but cannot repair it because it would cost tonne?


Just a slip in our rush to keep up with the time we take a misstep and our phone falls face down to the ground, shattering the screen. Overwhelmed with despair and horror as the object we hold most dear just got wrecked by our own hands by a freak accident, we stand there helpless looking at the screen losing its touch ability.

The new age tech however promises no more shattered screens as a new plastic has been designed that can “heal itself.” The inspiration to this being our own blood work. When we get hurt, the platelets immediately start to coagulate in order to seal a wound in our body.

The technology involves a new polymer “Vitrimers” which automatically patches holes up to 3 cm wide. So, small cracks would be able to repair themselves.


The size of the hole decreasing with time

This tech has already been incorporated in a small way in the LG G Flex 2, however it doesn’t promise a blemish free front screen but the scratches can be fixed by its self -healing back cover. The promise of flexibility offered has resulted in the many curved TV’s and phones giving the user a more comfortable experience.

This plastic not only promises repaired phone cracks but also could seal crevices in the concealed pipelining. The future of this technology may see airplanes capable of fixing their cracks mid flight or space shuttles fixing themselves while in the orbit.

Sandya Prasad

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