Moto G3 – Yet another Moto gadget to look out for!

  • Design and usability
  • Speed and Performance
  • Camera and Video Quality
  • Battery life and durability
  • Call and data quality

Moto G - Third Generation

The exciting features and specification of Moto G3. The sleeky design and lollipop 5.1 are the first things to look for!!

Motorola has now sent its grand kid version(as in, the third generation) into the market! In return to the much love the Indian market gave to Moto family, they adore the same by introducing this product first in India. As always Flipkart gets to launch it, but this time with huge and many exciting launch offers. Lets look out the features and specifications before jumping into the deal.

Moto G3 is available at two price tags, one with 8GB internal memory and 1GB RAM at Rs.11,999 and the other with 16GB internal memory and 2GB RAM at Rs.12,999.

Moto G3 as its earlier versions carries the three life savers-
1. Water Resistant => Worry Proof. You don’t need to cry everytime your phone gets drenched and moreover you can take pictures near beaches or even carry it into the ocean 😛 (Trust me, I did and it works perfectly after being in water for a while)
2. Corning Gorilla Glass – To the uncountable number of times you drop your phone. It is not pure luck, if you screen doesn’t break every time it was fallen/stamped/dropped. The Gorilla glass keeps your phone free from scratches and cracks to shine your phone just like you.
3. Long Battery LifeThe word life-saver is just so apt for this. The new Moto G is designed to last a full day, and then some. With a 2470 mh battery, you can go about your jam-packed day and not worry about battery life. Go to school or work, visit with friends, then head out for the evening – and still have enough juice to get home.

You can make your phone look as trendy as you are with the colorful shells. Paint your fav color on your phone with this super cool flip shells, which adds beauty and protection in one go!

1. Moto G runs Androidâ„¢ Lollipop, free from unnecessary software that slows you down.
2. Moto Display lets you preview notifications and updates.
3. Moto Assist understands where you are and what you’re doing, and adapts in ways that help you.

1. With a fast Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410 processor, 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU, and advanced Adreno graphics, you can switch back and forth between your favourite apps without slowing down.
2. With a sharp 12.7cm(5) HD display, every photo, video, and game looks its best. Experience vivid colours, deep blacks, and crisp whites—even outdoors.
3. The new Moto G gives you the blazing-fast speed of 4G LTE. So you can browse the web, stream music, play games, and watch videos. It’s a small price to pay for a whole lot of speed.

Camera – Great shots. All the time.
The new Moto G delivers high-quality photos in any environment with a 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. Even in low light, the ultra-fast f2.0 lens produces crystal-clear images, and the colour-balancing dual LED flash preserves colour and clarity. What’s more, High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging helps you capture both the brightest highlights and darkest shadows, just as your eyes see them

Coming to the exciting launch offers on Flipkart, here you go –

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