Travelling to the moon and beyond!

Travelling – Uh! Who on Earth does not like it right? When we are re-defining our horizons in every walk of life why not explore the space beyond our world. To all the moon lovers and space enthusiasts, here we got you some of the fascinating facts from our outer space! Hungry much? Let’s dive in…

Before we run into the news, let us revise the concepts we once studied at school. Do you remember how many planets are there in our solar system? Nine is it? Oh yeah, it’s just Eight. Pluto has been demoted from being a planet to a dwarf planet as our very astronauts revisited the criteria for a planet to be a planet. This happened in 2003, after the discovery of Eris, which is larger in size than Pluto.Unfortunately, Pluto seemed to be too small to be qualified as a planet and even its elliptical orbital unlike for other planets is somewhat titled.  So, in our solar system now we have 8 planets which qualify as ‘Planets’ and 3 dwarf planets which just missed their opportunity to make it into the Not-so-hateful 8 family.

Lately, there was an interesting discussion about the existence of a hypothetical Planet X, which would be the 9th planet to be discovered in our solar system. It is observed that this planet would be 10 times the mass of the Earth and would be revolving in an orbit thrice that of Neptune’s. Also, for such a planet it would take around 20,000 years to complete one revolution around the sun. Having said this, the professors of California Institute of Technology are inferring its likely existence based on modeling work and the weird orbits of a number of small objects in the faraway Kuiper Belt, which lies beyond Neptune.


This image shows the theorized orbit of the giant planet and six other solar system objects beyond Neptune. Source:

Also, there are many myths coming up related about this planet 9 with the provided evidence about its existence. These myths are making it a secret, hidden dark side of the solar system. Nevertheless, we would always love to welcome a new planet to our solar system!

This artistic rendering shows the distant view from Planet Nine back towards the sun. The planet is thought to be gaseous, similar to Uranus and Neptune. Hypothetical lightning lights up the night side.


Source: NASA

Let us wait and watch how the travelling goes to reach this supposed-to-exist planet 9 and back!

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