“Subscribe to our channel” – New Trend on the roll!

“Subscribe to our channel” – New Trend on the roll!

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A lot has been said on the open space internet provides to all the video channels. This is not debatable point that encapsulates all  genres to breathe in the light of public viewership. This met with quite a stern resentment since 2010, when a series of YouTube launched channels telecasters recorded live All India Bakchod  (AIB ) Roast where some really humiliating things were said  to women , Bollywood, politics and the Ambanis.

No, I am not here to defend sides here but this has certainly given the idea to all production channels and YouTube celebrities to widen their horizon from only Facebook , Twitter and Instagram to a whole new definition of  new media where they become the source to present their content in much better clearer way , avoiding backlash and only entertainment for loyal audiences.

Hotstar and AIB

After the widespread criticism and appreciation of AIB Roast, All India Bakchod tooka step ahead and launched online series where the serious news with a comedy take. Unlike the show’ The Week that wasn’t, the show is bilingual and speaks the language of common man.

Yrf Films
First Yash Raj venture online, reverses roles of men and women in Indian society and compels the viewer to ponder on validity of feminism in our lives.

This is Yash Raj ‘s second online series where the protagonists fall in love at their hilarious encounters till theyreach mandap of their marriage

This is a new chapter in entertainment genre , where a net neutrality has shown it’s power and for if not commendable but at least  right reasons. Subscribe now! Happy Watching!

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Shilpy Sharan

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