Predator 6: World’s first gaming smartphone

Predator 6: World’s first gaming smartphone

Until IFA berlin 2015 the words gaming and phone were not in holy matrimony, yes they did share some casual flings but never a serious relationship until Acer decided to do something about it and came up with the new Predator 6, the world’s first official gaming phone.

Okay hold on, everyone plays games on their smartphones, then what exactly is this hype about a gaming phone? An ordinary mobile phone is made with a balance of all the features like a good camera, a good audio input and feedback, a SoC-GPU combination that can enable the device to handle the daily tasks with least hiccups and basically a design that can help it to have the maximum screen size in the smallest possible body.

Compromises on performance are made to build the entire setup on such a small scale. A gaming phone comes to the stage with a different agenda, its built to play games on – Real graphic intensive game. Games that seriously heat up even the flagship devices of the OEMs. Finally Acer has brought to the show a phone that they think can challenge the might of the Portable play station and the all mighty Nvidia Tegra K1 in an even smaller package.


They introduced the Predator 6, although the details are scarce at the moment as Acer has refused to give away much about the device.

Here are a few specifications that leaked or can be guessed –
Said to be one of the biggest strength of the device, the Predator 6 runs on an unnamed Deca core processor. As Mediatek Helios X20 is the only announced ten core processor in the market it is somewhat safe to guess that the silicon powering up the predator is indeed the X20. The processing chip under consideration uses a tri-cluster design that is there are 3 sets of cores running at different frequencies offering different power to performance ratios. Although Mediatek till date has been associated with entry level or budget level offerings, Helios X20 is the best that the company has to offer and there are claims that this chip is much better than its fiercest rival the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.


Four front firing speakers
If the sound is not good enough the game play is never going to be immersive enough and Acer is determined to get it right in the first shot. Fixing four front firing speakers are definitely a way to give a more rich gaming experience however such a setup may make an already big phone even more uncomfortable to hold. If the sound are stereo speakers they are going to make the task of holding the phone while gaming an even more difficult task.

Random access memory (RAM)
Piped to be of 4 GB the ram is neither surprising nor disappointing. There are multiple phones like Asus Zenphone 2, Xiaomi Note Pro in the sector that offer the same and as the generation of the ram is not yet official nothing can be predicted about it. The lack of higher RAM even though using a 64 bit android software and (most probably) a 64 bit processor is a bit disappointing but you can’t get a six on every ball.

Jaw dropping design
This might be a personal choice but the design of the phone inspired by straight geometrical lines is lip smacking. The straight edges, the metal finishes and the logo at the back make up the premium feel. However, the design is of very masculine nature some might like it, some might not. It’s a very love hate relationship.

21 megapixel camera
Yes it is true that pixel count is not the only thing that determines a camera quality but I do have a feeling that a company which has gone to such an extent to churn out such a perfect device will also have some tricks up its sleeve in the camera department. As we weren’t allowed to play with the device nothing can be said about the camera quality but I don’t think it would be disappointing.

The future seems exciting for Acer’s handheld devices division but only if they are able to prove it to hardcore gamers that playing on a 6 inch device is just as exciting as playing on a 15-20 inch display. Then maybe, they have just started a new era of gaming devices that is very soon to boom. I am a bit skeptical that playing intensive games on a mobile will be as exciting as playing it on gaming PC but I would love them if they are able to prove me wrong.

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