Feeling a bit low? Maybe you forgot to love yourself!

Feeling a bit low? Maybe you forgot to love yourself!

This article is written for a reason. Because I myself forgot how to love myself. I found the simplest solution that somebody who loves to write can find. I plugged in my laptop to charge. Opened MS Word and starting my favorite playlist I started to write how I am loving myself.
It all happens sometimes. When life is hard and you are doubting yourself. You are hard on yourself and being critical of yourself. In times such as these you forget how to love yourself. Sometimes we get so attached to other people and things that we forget the most important person in our lives. Ourselves. The sad thing is that this world is very selfish, and everyone wants to love happy and confident people. When you yourself don’t know how to love yourself, how can you convince others that you are lovable? You simply can’t.
So the trick to survive a bit better is to love yourself. There are a few tried and tested tips that I found out in my own life and some which I found out from my friends life.

Admire yourself
Okay to be honest. I am fairly bad looking. No fairly would be an understatement, I am downright bad looking. Still the top quote on my cupboard is “god was showing off when he made me.” I am proud of what I am. Learn the art of admiring yourself. However don’t go overboard with it. You will look arrogant and overconfident if your self praises are audible to others. Just give yourself an occasional pat or praise (in your head of course!) if you have done something good.

Develop a hobby
If you develop a hobby, you will be absorbed in yourself and your talent. There is no one talent less in this universe, calling yourself useless is just an excuse of not doing real work. Engage in your hobby whenever you feel low. If you work on your hobby it will help you to believe in yourself and you will be proud when you achieve even small successes. This will create confidence in yourself and help you in loving yourself. If you fail once just remember two quotes “practice makes a man (or woman) perfect” and “Rome was not built in a day.”

Keep yourself busy
“An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.” Whenever we are idle, our mind is busy thinking and very true to human nature our mind is always busy in thinking negative thoughts. We tend to over analyze situations and more often than not we end up blaming ourselves for the fault of others or develop hatred for someone. This leads to problems in social interactions and end up reducing our self-esteem even more. The mind is constantly crunching up thoughts, instead of feeding it bad fodder why not feed it something good which can actually benefit others and yourself.

Engage in social service
Helping others is one of the best ways to develop a very high level of self-esteem. It enhances the feel good factor. Our act finds appreciation in the eyes of the general public and our own eyes. I don’t mean that you should start an NGO or will away all your gold, even simple acts can be just as satisfying. You see somebody shivering in the cold and give him your jacket or buy him some clothes. You see a poor child crying and maybe buy some fruits to cheer him up. Maybe help someone elderly or blind cross the road. Somebody is sad, give him a high five or (if you are comfortable) a hug.

Usually social outcasts forget how to love themselves. The society has this bad habit of treating everyone badly unless he proves to be of some use to it. That is when loving yourself comes in the play. If you start believing in yourself despite the odds and work on yourself, you prove your worth to the society and finally it starts loving you back. So relax. Smile and believe that you are awesome.

Always remember this “That of all the curves in your body, the best is your smile.”

Okay finally my playlist is over, so is this article. I finished it real fast; I know I am awesome, I love myself.

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