Liberation of Knowledge

Liberation of Knowledge

Kofi Annan once famously said “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”

But most of us correlate Education with grades and not with knowledge. It has become a regulatory measure for every student in obtaining the required grades and it has been prioritized over the underlined importance of obtaining knowledge. With scrutinized requirements, is knowledge losing its charm to books?

The educational system has become more streamlined and the curriculum has been set keeping in mind the essentials that the students need to tackle the present and the future. For instance, in earlier times it would take an eighth-grade student to understand the fundamental concept of math because the current scene is different altogether. Even students who just start schooling get in with an idea of what they will learn. In a way, it also increases the pressure that the students face to learn and do which comes as a major hindrance to their creative space.

Another aspect of education that has utmost importance is creativity. Creativity gives knowledge and in some ways, we have always been impertinent towards it. The idea of education is to allow students with a creative power that enables them to create a set of ideas for themselves and applying it to the environment that exists around them.

The level of competition that exists amidst one’s peer is skyrocketing these days. There is tremendous competition right from the shoe brand to the mobile phone that they have. This imparts the feeling of wanting to be better than someone than wanting to better oneself. This leads to development of feelings such as ego and hatreds which eventually disturbs harmony. Only when there is peace of mind, can thoughts be clear. Making yourself isolated from the society makes you ignorant. Instead, isolate yourself from what will not decide your future.

In conclusion, knowledge is the ultimatum for our existence and undergoing the necessary training in the form of education is mandatory for any human. But we should make sure that it is done in the right way adhering to our values and in no way should we give up on our goal irrespective of any hurdle.




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