10 movies one must watch while in college.

10 movies one must watch while in college.

1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara(2011)
Three friends go on a vacation to Spain which turns out to be a life changing experience.This hilarious coming of age drama shows how the three men with broken relationships, combat their worst fears, learn to enjoy in the most difficult of times and fall in love with their lives.

Zindagi na Milegi Dobara
2. 3 Idiots(2009)
The most popular Bollywood movie about college which showcases how college life can be screwed if we don’t think clearly enough. Three friends from diverse backgrounds studying in one of the best engineering colleges of the country learn how to accept friendship, deal with stress in college, and to choose passion and excellence over money when it comes to making a career.

3 idiots
3. Rock On.(2008)
Yet another great movie about four talented musician friends who form a band “Magik” during college days but due to misunderstandings they fail to make it big. Years later, they reunite to finish their incomplete journey.

4. Wake Up Sid! (2009)
Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) is a rich and spoilt college student who learns the meaning and struggle of life from Aisha , an aspiring writer from Kolkata. The movie is about discovering one’s passion and learning that life will not always be a bed of roses.

5. Happy Days(2007)
Another movie which trails through the college life of 8 individuals and their own individual problems faced by them in college. It explores ragging, academic and peer pressure and love triangles which clearly makes one miss college life.

happy days
6. Rang De Basanti.(2006)
A British filmmaker relies on a bunch of apolitical Delhi University students to make a
documentary about the struggle our freedom fighters faced while trying to make India
independent. But a mishap involving a corrupt minister changes their thinking about politics and they try to avenge him.

Rang De Basanti

7. Dostana(2008)

In this comedy,two men pretend to be a gay couple in order to secure an apartment. Both
fall in love with the same girl and strive to win her heart, only to realize that she loves
someone else.


8. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na(2008)
Jai and Aditi are complete polar opposites. They deny what their family and friends know since a long time, that they are perfect for each other. The amazing storyline of the movie will make you fall in love with their characters.

9. Munna Bhai MBBS(2003)
This Indian comedy shows that love and affection can perform miracles which medicine and money cannot. Munna, a goon tries to fulfill his father’s wish of becoming a doctor. Along with his sidekick circuit, he enrolls himself in a medical college and happens later is a treat to watch.

Munna Bhai

10. Iqbal(2005)
Iqbal, a deaf and mute boy, only dreams of making it into the Indian cricket team. His status hinders his selection, and he picks a retired coach to train him, who leads him to his dream.
The movie makes its audience believe that if we believe in ourselves, then no force can stop us to achieve our dreams.


Arpit Mishra

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