Quitting does not always mean that you’re giving up

Quitting does not always mean that you’re giving up
Quitting does not always mean that you're giving upAsmitha Rajendran

Have you ever sat in a class and said to yourself,

“Well I don’t belong here”

and it’s not just a random boredom thought, but the one you really feel. It is the time you realize that you are actually neither interested in the course you are pursuing nor enthusiastic about the stream your have taken up after 12th std, you realize this only after taking up that but not before.

Many times in life we might make wrong decisions, sometimes it could be taking up a wrong course after 12th standard. Students would have just finished their basic level of education and are then expected to take big life decisions as to choose what they really want to do in their life. Due to pressure from parents, peers they end up taking something which seems right to others irrespective of what they themselves really want. They might not even know what they want do to and yet are made to believe that they are supposed to study what their parents want or in many cases they might just be confused and go in the wrong path. Then, when finally they start studying or even after a year or two has passed they realize that it is probably the biggest mistake in their life to have taken up something where they don’t belong.


Many of us would have had a similar feeling, but then some get over it while some of them are not able to cope up with it and would be really scared to talk about it to anyone. But at some point they realize that staying quiet wouldn’t work out and they have to do something about it to make it right. So with lot of courage they make up their mind to go talk to their parents about it and some parents would support them and some might not, it might not be the most wonderful experience but they at least tried to open up. Meanwhile they would have even found out what they want to study or do in life, a wrong place can actually tell a lot of right things. They might decide to quit what they are doing and start fresh in life and take up the stream which they like. Many might just end up compromising their lives because of their fear of quitting and starting all over again.

So here’s to all of those dare devils who had the courage to quit what they don’t like and choose what they do and hope for a new beginning. It’s not a simple or just an ordinary thing to quit something and take the right path. It is definitely a big deal.

 Quitting does not always mean you’re giving up, sometimes the only reason you’re giving up is so you can start over again.

So never be afraid of giving up unless you have the courage to start from the beginning.

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